2nd ONE Open-ded!

Yes. The winds are very strong these days. At least to me. And Weather Info Service tells me that its cloudy 3 out of the 4 times i called to enquire, the other 1 was showers.

Had a great time yesterday, Sunday, with the gang. Which gang? The gang.
Some of them told me that its unlike me to keep a blog. I said they really know me well. I like them. But they also say that its me in the blog. I love them. They know.

I wanna go cycling. Badly. But i got no time. NO time. I don't mean bring your 2 wheel bike down to the void decks or MSCP with oil patches on the floor to cycle. I wanna go far, i wanna fly, travel the vast universe, at least a few hours non-stop. Unable to find time slots for that at moment. Next month ba.

I'm tired. I feel busy, dis-orientated. School started 2 weeks le. I think some of you feel tired and busy too. But bo pian, still gotta fight.