Red Days


The PRO took this picture. Thank you man.

You can tell the diff between a good camera and a phone camera.

Abit pretty..

After few days of rest but not rest because of visitingS, back to earning one's livelihood tomorrow(me)! Be joyful, we've earned a little the past 2 days from just handshakes. Hor?


Jean said...

so pretty?i think the pic looks cute!hahas=DD..

yeahs,earned a little just saying "happy new year" and handshake!=DD...

anyway hope you enjoyed urself this niu year!=D

-WHEY` said...

indeed so pretty. haha. like never see before a pic of u "zhi pai-ing" plus so close up! haha.

cool pics there! :D

hope you've enjoyed this long hols! :D cheers! :D

ellekay :] said...

so pretty!

qing qing said...

the last photo 非常恶心 sia!!


syl said...

hahaha, so ke ai! =D
so fast kai gong eh? jia you jia you!

MIKO(: said...

OMG HAHA. only the first photo look like you leh.

"so pretty." /rollseyes
LAUGHS. sorry dont mean to be rude LOL.

love the checks (:

Pek Choo said...

Happy Niu Year!!
Wah seh~
Smile =]

min. x)) said...

like hardly see you post pics of yourself lah. so keais. hahahaha. (:
nods nods. CNY is a good thing for us, but maybe not the adults/parents. :p

enjoy all the visitingS.

qIaNhUi said...

Oh Man... That Last Pic U Looked Really Soooooo CUTE La! *LOL*


rah said...

wassup with the 3rd pic..
so unlike u.. hahahaha.. =X

but ya lah.. very pretty ar..
pretty boy lol~ xD

glad tt u have enough rest (:
take care..haha. :P
i like the 1st pic..woo~
got feel~ xD

gene said...

woah you really look chio. i wanna brokeback with you now. seriouly NOW!

shihui said...

haha! tts the benefit of not being married. heh heh~ ^^

Wei Li said...

haha. the third photo. U really have de girly look lei?
Very Petty lei? Can date u out? lol

Wei Li said...

U look so baby too! Baby Face BOy? Cute! :P

capri said...

halo sam, hope u've had a good time so far tis cny.

me oso back to work liao... wish to hv a longer break, but din take leave. anyway, kind of no govt in ofc tdy, so woo-hoo~ ;-D

mk said...

pretty yes =p
just got back from some nice time with the natural surroundings.. away from the hustle & bustle of city life. nice!
back to life as usual... have a great year ahead! (:

meimei said...

hahaha you really look very pretty! yea, earn quite a bit by looking pretty and shaking hands and it continues for another 12 days!

Lorita said...

Ah Sam
Happy 牛 Year!!!!!
ya la...u look pretty on the 3rd pic>.<"
How are you???
I'm good in hk...start looking for job....

Yun Ping said...

hey!yeah...ur photos were really taken well...looke more shuai now...right???hey!i'm complimenting ue and the one who took a photo of ue

rachell. said...

the older you get the lesser ang paos.
so must be young.
then more ang pao. XDD.

可可 said...

Sam! 祝你新年快乐, 红包拿多一点, 辛福多一点, 好运旺旺來!! ( ^ _ ^)
Ehh...wow, you got your 红包 thru shake hands ah...but I got mine thru giving the mandarin oranges lei...hmmm...that's a bit different...
Then hor, about that last pic...hmm...abit unlike you to say that of yourself hor? or is it not, pretty boy? ...(・_・?)

denise said...

lol hello you :) it was weird seeing you working at fusionopolis today because it obv brought back memories of superband and stuff.

sLy peepz said...

hello we're the bunch of six girls who took photos with you today! :):) do u want the photos??

T. said...

the last picture was... POWER LA! hahaaa. hope you enjoyed your cny! did you get bigger angbaos with all the handshakes? lol.

Jane said...

Yah can tell the different between camera n hp camera. Haha. But both also nice. Lol. If i am not wrong the first pic is 22 take de right?? Haha.

Anyway nice pics lah. Haha. Yah the last pic is pretty and nice de lah. Hmm look abit like gal gal. Opps... Siamz. :D

Huixin said...

your last picture looks cute! & ya, happy chinese new year :D

JIAHUI said...


mei said...

ha ha! Sam, u shd wear a girly hair wig lah! then it will be really sweet yo.

Sam Wong said...

Power la!
I seldom take such big face pic. Well since its CNY though i don't have the CNY mood, take a pretty one. Yes i can be quite feminine. I don't think its a bad thing, being more caring than some other guys, more naggy.

Halo Denise, sLy peepz. Hope you enjoyed your lunch. As for the photos, i won't trouble you. Memories kept. =)

And to all,
thank you thank you,

singyin said...

See so many people say you pretty alr, then i change abit, you look so CUTE! hahaha.

Kristie said...

Hey Sam! ;D

You look so much cuter in braces!
I mean it!

Smile often, YA?
And Happy CNY to all!

Sam Wong said...

Are you sure Kristie?! Thank you.

-WHEY` said...

sam, i thought braces were cool! haha..

mm said...

ure nothing sounds as if u hv been fighting to save the world fr destruction w no avail. It's not the end of the world yet, pretty boy:D good night, hv a good sleep.

Jenies said...

i want braces!

haah zilian pretty face ?
cny ending in a few days

Lixin said...

u act girl girl huh?!
so kou ai yo....
and i really can see a phone and a pro camera de diff...
I'll surpport you always!!!