Weekend Blues

Its Saturday!!

You know? You know??

U know?BOOMZ..


Drum Tracks Final-ly

Rode Giant to the studio today, a perfect choice of transportation instead of either cab or strolling from bus stop to MRT and LRT.. Have i already told you that i had neglected Giant for a few months, again? That i sort of forgot how it feels to be riding alone on the road under the burning sun.. Today was pleasant. My work was done before evening, afterwhich i decided to make a detour for prata and to the reservoir. Over there, i stayed for almost an hour.

Most of the pictures i capture are somewhat like this, because i love these scenes, i treasure moments and my state of mind at that point of time, when i am still beside the water. Usually takes away or temporary hide troubles, just like when immersed in a computer game.
I was just listening to some of the songs we wrote, working at the same time. Multi-tasking isn't my forte. When i listen to our songs, so much is running through my mind. Its a whole process i see, its heavy, its a colourful mixture.. I felt it.. I feel it.. I'm still learning.. Tonight i listened to drum tracks i've recorded, carefully. Hope i didn't miss an off beat due to fatigue.

Enough said, goodnight.


Tree Top Walk

Yellow route plus..

我想我少了好好的休息. 为了工作又工作.. Anyway i still walked 13km today, (SIAO) no energy to run.. Was supposed to be a relaxing afternoon since drum lesson was postponed. Ended up in the little forest of MacRitchie, walking non stop. A little achievement.



5 straight hours of hair attention. My head's kinda heated up..

Let's take a closer look.


Breathe Hard

Sentosa bombed Singapore. My home had a bomb shelter but my sisters went in and shut me out. How could they ever do this to me? How can they bear to hurt their brother like that? This is somewhat how i was feeling the past week. Plus more than a handfull of issues to look into when my hand isn't strong enough to carry these weights. Worst still, i was standing alone. Fortunately today, i was told that the door had an auto lock.. Sis was actually trying hard to get me inside. Oh.. Ok. Now they broke the lock and i'm in with minor cuts and scratches. We'll survive the attacks together. Somehow..

I'll upload pics from my 3.2mp cam-phone soon..

We all got headaches. His may be worst than mine cos he drank more.. Maybe he didn't but he's a lousy drinker. Smile and vommit.