Movie Stars



mm said...

haha which cinema is it showin in? i go n watch ure movie. can always try again, i seriously believe u hv the chops 4 it if it's wat u want. is dat ure bd cake, looks yummy, i wan a piece too!
...and hor last nite no mood to write this but 很想对你说...purple hair doesnt really go w orange! :D...and hor dat purple is not mild at all :P haha, poked u oredi, i can 安心的 go to sleep now:D nitey nite, sleep happy.

th-JESS said...

LOL. did you draw that ? cute ! and the previous post, i super like the photo that u're sitting at the middle of the bridge. omgggg. super nice !

i so want to go exploring those places too, o lvls is killing me ):

qIaNhUi said...

Sooo Cute La ~

Jean said...

nice pic..and why lyk sound so emo??=D

flora said...

Movie star? Hey, you never know, you might be one some day. Never say never.

RAH said...

thursday resume lesson :DD

but dun kill me if i dun remember anything S: hu~ especially that particular 'beat' D: %#@!!~$% X=

capri said...



Sam Wong said...

Purple and orange tak match.. Ok, got it. =)

Jess, after your papers..

Don't worry Rah, i'm the friendly instructor.

Acting? Hmm.. Really not easy, and its too much to take emotionally. Thank you for looking up though..

gene said...

why CRY?