I've Decided

I chose what's seems not the better option to most.
But i am happier. That's it.
Thank you for sharing your opinions.

I'LL BE UP ON STAGE ONCE AGAIN, after a year exactly.

31st Dec 2010 at Vivo.
Come on down for 'LIVE' music if you can!


Now Or Never

Either bite the bullet now, or don't dream big later on.
I haven't had enough courage to take whichever step yet.
But not to worry, still doing fine.

I super miss jammin. Super miss good jammin.
Will have one soon probably.. Hopefully i'm within the 'good jammin' part.
It takes some 'mo qi'.
Hit the drums once more Sam Wong. Hit it well.


Tell Me How

A sense of urgency is knocking at my door, demanding that I am to do certain things, make certain decisions. But I'm unsure, still. How?

Can we always 'follow your heart'?

Sometimes it leads you the wrong way..

It is not just about me now.
My family, my friends, those at work too that meant something, the people I am responsible for and the outsiders I gotta answer to.

It can be simple, yet it is not simple.




Today's a great day. I feel good and free. Wonderful.
Tomorrow's a special date, for me.
So tomorrow should be an even better day.
I'm easily contented.


Blue Monday

Saturday, pls come quick.


What's Up?

Work.. Food, lots of oily stuff and rubbish.
I miss good music, I miss quality jammin, with good 'feel'..

'Pom Parr Pom Pom Par...'


How Time Passes

It's been a month since i left a mark.
Just had a hair trim today, like it very much. I always enjoy having my hair shaved, cos it makes me feel fresher than before.
Had an egg pudding for breakfast, lunch. I was in a rush and that was the only food i saw in the crowd.
I travel a lot nowadays, like from central to town, then to Yishun, back to city, sometimes to East Coast, then back to city.. Up and down, here and there - makes me hungry.
Reached home after 4am, the England match was on. I couldn't help but watched for a short while. Was about to end anyway..
My days are really long.....................
I just bought a new phone, at a low price. =)


New Engine

His car is back, after a month in the garage..

This time i'll be extra careful and make sure i do not fall asleep while driving.

7 of July 2010. BANG! The impact was great, i can't forget.

Kids don't try this on the roads, can try at home.

Who said riding was safer?



I want to be very rich!
I want to be able to travel as much as i love to.
I want to build a home the way i like it to be.
I want my loved ones to live in comfort.

I'm open to donations, thank you.


Back At One

I feel writing a post. But i don't have much to say.

Sometimes i wonder who actually views my blog.
So, tell me who are you?
How are you today?



Hey. I'm still alive, just not actively updating this blog nowadays. Cos basically, my life is all about work for at least the past month. It was due to a goal that was set, a choice, and decision made, but these were recently adjusted a bit after things unforseen happened. What matters is we're all healthy and safe.


An Accident

Marks the 1st in my life.

Pain.. Very pain.

Just when i found 'new' energy..




Busy Busy Busy

NOW is the time of my life.
Everyday's long day, but i'm loving it.
MAC's deluxe breakfast is nice.
Will update when i have time ya?
Take care my friends!



I'm off.

L.F.D map

Outside the window.

Batam central 的旁边.

Green flip flops, green waters. My foot.

A band competition, pretty good rock music.
Basically nothing interesting to capture. I wasn't near the beach too.


Straight After Work

My legs ache now but i'm fine with it.
I once heard from somewhere, looking at a fast moving windmill may put you in a hypnotic state.

ECP @ 7pm

Can't picture my back view, but i recognise the bike.


B F H !

Busy! Fat! Hot!

Today's so hot. I was walking(and perspiring) by boat quay in the afternoon. I looked up to the bright sky. I saw the clouds.. Then i saw the moon! Half a moon.. Wow, interesting..

Been travelling and walking much, to work and run errands.. Tired feet and heavy head. Massage sounds good.

I had buffet for dinner on Wednesday, ate SUPER ALOT till my tummy expanded. Dory fish, grilled chicken, hot plate beef. This morning i dream of luncheon meat, many of them in a huge wok, and i was happy. Dumb.

Dream i went to Batam too. And took some pictures. Post soon..


Hot Stuff

According to the 7 of them ate these killer wings, its the hottest food they've ever eaten in their lives. This cafe at Seletar serves chili wings from level 1 to 30. We daringly ordered level 30 wings, aiming to receive the cert they'll give to you for finishing the super hot wings, and your name stays on their 'hall of fame'. I could smell the chili from a distance. CRAZY.
They made it, but it didn't feel good at all. Eating and tearing at the same time, perspiring non stop, swollen lips, face turn red, bloodshot eyes, runny nose, look emo. None of them wanna eat that again. Well done, boys and girls.


Jason Mraz

Please Don't Tell Her

Nobody Likes Me, You And I Both

Makes me feel that my little 'acts' are just so small, but also encourages me to work harder and aim for perfection. They're incredibly amazing.


Rain. Hurts

I walked under the shelter but was still drenched. Cold.
I saw a Javan Myna stuck in the drain lying on its back, trying very hard to free itself. Huge rain drops were falling hard on its little body and injured wing. I couldn't reach the bird. Even if i could, i may not have dared to pull it up with my bare hands. I stood and stared for a short while. It probably died already. Sad.



To me, websites and blogs weren't usual to own, then. But now, it is so easy, and quite usual for a young student eg. in sec 1 to set up. And it's design could be complicated, with animation and interesting gadgets that i didn't know existed. Most people in their fifties or around that generation eg. some in my family, know nuts bout websites and blogs. They are not informed of the convenience internet can provide, or how they can be so close to one another without having to be near physically -facebook- this thing is amazing. I mean to those who don't know, its like WA.. Just like how i got excited when i saw this iPhone app -bus guide. This one lets you know when the bus is arriving so you can actually plan what time to leave home or your office. So you won't perspire like siao standing at the bus stop after a 7 min walk from home plus the fact that you just showered and styled your hair with wax but its mixing with your sweat dripping off your forehead. I don't have an iPhone, yet. Remember the pager? Before SMS was born, i read very short messages from the pager in my pocket. Kids now never heard of pager, but SMS is a common thing to them.
Everything's changing so quickly, they are new inventions everyday. Sometimes i'm just lazy, which is why i can never keep up.
In other parts of the world, people are still travelling hours by foot to work. Due to poverty. Due to the lack of knowledge.


Ideal Life

Here's one place i'll gladly stay for the rest of my life. Where you don't need air conditioners.

The air is fresh, roads are wide. Work day ends early, families spend more time together.



I was shocked, confused, bewildered
As I entered Heaven's door
Not by the beauty of it all
Nor the lights or its decor

But it was the folks in Heaven
Who made me sputter and gasp
The thieves, the liars, the sinners
The alcoholics and the trash

There stood that guy from sec school
Who hurt me so much
Next to him was my old neighbour
Who never said anything nice

Mas, who I always thought
Was rotting away in hell
Was seated happy on cloud nine
Looking incredibly well..

I nudged God, 'What's the deal?
I would love to hear Your take
How did all these sinners get up here?
You must have made a mistake..'

'And why is everyone so somber, and quiet?' -Was my question

'Hush, child,' He said. 'They're all in shock.
No one thought they'd be seeing you.'


Sam Can Eat

It is healthy to have rice and vegetables for dinner.

But that's not for me.
Welcome to Teppanyaki. (a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food)

'Pan fried Beef slices with Chili and Garlic'


That was dinner, + 2hours, then supper..
This Iced Nescafe was damn good. 1st sip melted my heart. Only a dollar 50 for such perfect mix.

I heard bout this great tasting dish called 'Prata Goreng'. Finally ordered it today......
It came, in a form of food. ?? Err.. Not quite what i expected. I just had some excellent tasting food and was looking forward to a similar or better experience. This one missed the nail.

It wasn't bad, just not good enough. And so the next plan to fulfill my appetite was a 'Butter and Egg prata'. A long wait for that cos Mr friendly waiter had forgotten our last order. 30min prep, 4min finished! So quick to eat that i forgot a pic.. Here's what's left.


On The Surface

We had dinner at a restaurant outside Marina Square. Food was so-so, service was decent, weather was cold, hot chocolate was warm and nice. Ambience was good, noise level very low probably cos only 2 out of the 10 tables were occupied? Anyway the mall was empty today, i like. There were 4 of us eating, sitting arrangement was 2 facing 2. When i had finished my rice, Miss Z who sat on my opposite, said something like this - "You see that irritating guy with that stuck up face behind you, did you hear what he said?" I kay siao look around and stole a glance, my ears opened up.. Miss Z was right, he had an arrogant face. He said to the waitress - "Get your manager to bring me the bill." After a short while, i think another waitress walked up to Mr Stuck Up's table. He asked if she was the manager but she wasn't. He then said again as he returned the bill - "I want to speak to your in-charge, get him to pass me the bill." Somehow he sounded damn irritating. And by now, 4 of us were speculating.. "What's his problem sia?!", "I think he's trying to impress the girl dining with him?" "Making a fuss for what?" "He sucks!" These were our thoughts.. Next moment the in-charge went up to that table, now my table was quiet and we were all ears, then Mr Stuck Up said - "Hello , you're the manager iZZit? I want to compliment that guy standing at the counter. He provided very good service. When we first came just now, we didn't say anything and he recommended us some food you know? He said the weather's cold so we should drink some soup. I just want you to know that you have a good worker. Why is there no service charge here? I am more than willing to paid for it. I will surely come back here to eat.."
WOW. Can't believe he said all that. The irritating stuck-up face arrogant fellow suddenly becomes an interestingly pleasant guy. We TOTALLY didn't expect anything positive coming from him. Hmm..

I learn : Don't be quick to judge others, but first look at myself





Be Debt-Free

Learn to save what you earn
Do not purchase before you can afford
Live simple, sufficient
Do not show off to impress, that will save you money
Never have to worry about what is to come

"I don't know about tomorrow
I just live from day to day
I don't borrow from its sunshine
For its skies may turn to grey.."


$500 Fine

I know its none of my business but i think the kid is very cute. Wanna squeeze his head.

The bus smells of 鸡饭..



My 3rd day in the hospital? I broke my left leg. Cannot run anymore. It hurt so badly, totally numb now. I’m not able ride again. Can’t play drums, teach drums like before. That freak accident. Why? Why me? Why do i have to go through all this pain? I never could imagine this happen to me. I don’t want. I can’t and I won’t accept.

Fortunately. All of this was during my sleep. Can i have a more pleasant one next? Like I can fly.


Angel To Wtich

You like stories? Especially those with negative content right? Tell me who doesn't know bout Mr Neo? Or Woods?

Here's another one from my memory space..

My good friend P and i were in primary 4a1 - a stands for am cos at that time there were morning and afternoon classes. In the classroom, tables were arranged in single rows. My seat was the 3rd one in the row against the windows nearest to the corridor and P was just behind me. It was a good location that allowed me to look outside of the classroom at teachers walking past and daydream. I would always lean backwards, with my chair standing on 2 legs only, the top of its back-rest sits on P's table, my legs dangling and knees directly under my table for another support. Can you visualize what i'm saying? Then P and i will talk, talk, talk and talk. And Jon who sat in front of me would tell us to be quiet.

There was a seriously pretty teacher in school, Miss Chow. WA. The sweetest thing and most happening of our time, every boy would have dream of holding her hand. Just holding hands is enough. She was our maths teacher that year and i loved maths for a while! Till one day during Miss Chow's lesson, as i was chatting with P with my chair tilted in that common position, something happened..

Miss Chow walked towards us and with NO WARNING, she grabbed my right ear with her strong fingers, pulled me out of my seat, and dragged me out of the classroom. What violence! My chair fell too. Poor little boy's ear in so much pain cos of talking in class. Embarrassed. Heartbroken. I knew instantly we could never be. One of the worst moments i had in primary school.

So, what is the worst physical treatment you received from a teacher?



I just finish reading a very very long entry from a close friend's blog, someone whom i have known for 10 years. He wrote bout his childhood, a part of mine too. It got me a little teary as i start to think back, about those years that have passed..

In my early primary school days, i was a small sized big specs boy, uniform always looked oversize on me who's underweight. I didn't excel in my studies, i didn't shine in sports, i wasn't a fast runner when we played 'catching' during recess. There was nothing at all interesting bout me. I knew nothing bout playing music yet. I didn't know how to cycle. I had few friends; only some classmates - those short ones like myself who stood in the 1st few rows when we line up, and some who took the same school bus as me. I had a habit of saving my daily allowance. When i had accumulated enough, i would go to the school bookshop and buy as many things as i could. Rubbers, rulers, pencils, my favourite pointer, the one that teacher uses. And then i'll give them out to my friends in the school bus on the way home. We played games like 'scissor paper stone' and 'ji ko pa' and my presents will be rewards for the winners(for nothing). Think they liked playing with me then, when i was generous boy Samuel Wong. Sometime in those years i also remember a classmate - my partner who sat beside me in class. This silly boy would give me a portion of his allowance daily(for at least half a year), i forgot why but i liked him a lot. I hope now he don't remember me for that.

From primary four, it was compulsory to have an ECA, now known as CCA. I joined the chess club for a few weeks then hopped to science club. I knew nuts bout chess and science and i didn't have friends there. So i quit and joined football club instead since i had one good friend in it. His name is P. P is a fast runner and a good football player while i was the opposite, so we didn't practise together. During training and games, P was often on the ball while i could only try my best to get near the ball and kick it towards the opponents' side. Basically, i just needed the coach to mark my attendance and fulfill the need to have an ECA. I stayed in the club a lousy player till i guaduated from primary school.

In secondary school, i learnt the word 'sud', means cool. I wanna look cool and be 'sud'. I had new armani hairstyle. My hair was hard and high everyday. When i look around in class, the ones who's hair were more flat and like to study were not cool, those who tuck out their shirts and play soccer were more cool. Soccer was the international language in my school. St Andrews' a boys school. And so i joined my classmates for soccer most of the time during recess or after classes. I was still a lousy player. Each time we 'make team', i'll hope to be the captain. If i was, the 1st guy i chose will feel sad to fall in my team. If i wasn't the captain, i'll be among the last to be selected.

I'm gonna stop here cos i'm feeling really tired now.


NO Enough

Money, time, love or women?
Money - You have to work for it
Time - Only thing to do is learn to manage
Love - Be willing to give and you will receive
Women - Shouldn't even be in the list, but sadly, it is a problem that faced by many. Just look at the emperors of China, and our friend in Singapore. If temptation finds you, you have to overcome it.

What does doing right and wrong mean to you?
It is natural to do wrong knowingly, but it is wrong.
It is natural to tell a lie knowingly, but it is wrong.
Did you not tell a lie intentionally?
We have to be mindful of all that we do.


This Life

Can be a meaningful and victorious one, or it can be the total opposite. It all depends on how we choose to live it. Life is short! It began when i started breathing in mum's womb. I learnt how to crawl, then to walk, and talk. School days? Seems like many years ago. Soon, i'll be an old man riding my bicycle on the sidewalk, if i live that long. By then, would i be pleased with myself? And you?

Yesterday was amazing. Once in a lifetime experience. But i wasn't a good boy.



Something unusual in this pic. I wonder why?


My Bus Ride Home

Halfway.. BANG!

Tio bang i mean..

Number plates are not published to protect the victim's identity.



Sling Bag Assassin


Two Suppers A Night

After drum lesson just now, i went over to Bugis Street, eager for my hot egg white with fresh milk pudding. Sadly, the stall wasn't open for business. We settled for another cafe that sells dessert. But i ordered a full meal instead - Shredded chicken with salted egg porridge + zhu chang fen + chinese tea. YUM YUM. (don't judge by the pic)

Leaving this place after 10pm, we landed in Geylang at 11plus - Eating again

Somebody asked a lousy riddle during this supper.
"A lion stood beside the river. Then came a group of people who walked close to the lion. They were afraid. Why didn't the lion eat them?"



Do you like to stay at home? Why do you find staying at home boring?
Why do youngsters like to go out? Why do they return home so late?
I enjoy staying home. I stayed at home today. There was so much to do. Apart from housework.

Got a sudden craving for dessert. A hot egg white with fresh milk pudding.. OMG!
Sigh.. Have it in my dreams. Goodnight..



On CNY eve, we should get up early. The family will stay home, do household chores, spend quality time with one another. Let it be a good beginning of the year!



Did ya know that soaking your feet (around ankle level) in warm water helps you to relax and gives you energy? That's what i'm doing now.. =)


Bye Purple

Something looks err.. big in this pic.
Each of us have a deepest secret.



".. all my troubles seem so far away.."

Rare Sunday that i stayed home whole afternoon, with my family. Occupied myself with never ending housework, did my own laundry, played with 2 cute kids who came to visit (with their parent of course) and jumped around everywhere including my bed!!

I'm usually out there somewhere on Sundays, either with my siblings or friends. Doing what? What do we have to do in Singapore? Only eatdrink. Or else just do nothing together, look at each other and talk crap, business plans and world issues. They call it 'chill'. Err.. Very nice to 'chill' meh? LOL. Think i can open a Chilling Kopitiam since i'm a fan and everyone's doing it. Alright, just entertaining myself.

Have a great week Singapore!


Life Check

Somehow i didn't feel like writing and don't have anything to write about in the last 21 days. Been living life more than i did in 2009. It still isn't enough, gotta get there soon.. And i'm hoping to get out of Singapore sometime this year, if possible..

Some overdue pictures from last year's chalet at Changi.

It was a peaceful place, i like.