Back At One

I feel writing a post. But i don't have much to say.

Sometimes i wonder who actually views my blog.
So, tell me who are you?
How are you today?


YUJING said...


and I am lazy today. had a math quiz earlier on, yet the lazy me didn't study for it. thought that i would score for an egg, but who know the sausage joined in last min! so i got a 10/20:)

Anonymous said...

hello :) just started to read ya blog recently.

im valerie and im fine. hope u're doing well yea :)

Sam Wong said...

Meimei. Better study harder! Eggs are great for me and not for you.

Hi Valarie, welcome!
I'm alright too, thank u.

carol said...

im fine, nothing special :D

see you tml!

PeiShan said...

long time no see!

JIAHUI said...


I'm fine. Currently busy with school work. Do take care! See ya soon~

strat said...

Me... Fine I guess !!!

Jean said...


today is bad! woke up with swollen red eyes, guess eyes infection =(.. and this week is gonna be a super busy week~! =(

Jane said...

ME!!!! Haha... Sometime i am just a silent reader, without leaving comment here.. Sorry...

Hope u are fine too! Take good care! :D

Uncle Phil said...

Hi Sam,
Oops.. so long never come here liao!
I will come here whenever I am free. Cos, it is very interesting reading your stories and those nice photos posted by you.
So long never see MLB, misses you guys very much. Hope you guys are doing fine. Any update or events coming up soon?
All the BEST to MLB. :D

syl said...

me! you've got a fan here! HAHA! keep writing lah! :)

mm said...

me too!:D mlbians do?
many things to write about. what u see, what u play, what u think, what interest u. list is limitless. How abt writing abt songs/lyrics which move u? hmwk 4 u...one every week, 2 weeks? ok la, wn fancy strikes until it becomes a chore! :P suggn only, it's ur blog.
bad weather these days n my brolly not holdin up. hope to have better weather soon :P

th-JESS said...

me! ;D

but im back to studying, dont have time to glue myself to my com everyday much already, but i'll still read your blog! so continue writing ;D

Sam Wong said...

Wow.. Hi..


All are fine, except Jean's eye which should be fine by now.

Hey uncle Phil, we're currently busy with our own stuff so.. I miss jammin too.

Ok got it!

Boo Pei Shan.


binz said...

me me got come!
ahh finally it's weekends, no need to work(:

yavonda said...

Meeee too! I'm reading reading!Haha I'm like the slowest to reply. =P
Hope you're doing fine with life. Life's interesting and fun so treasure it!Remember,everything that happens, happens for a reason. =)
Gah. My homework is snowball-ing >.< I'm stuck with six sbqs! Not that I'm a bad student kay, I've been doing other work.
Do take care! Smile smile.

Jean said...

yep yep!eyes are fine already! yays! and all presentations and project done! left one report only.. HOLIDAYYYYYYY HERE I COME~!=)

sEE Ya soon! :)

Sam Wong said...

I just knew it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sam!

Long time din visit your blog, but i do read! Cont'd to share with us what you see/hear/do! ;-)


quizzy_me=) said...

OOPS i'm late...
i'm here too ok sam~
working hard everyday too...off day spend on sleeping cos flu virus invaded...hahaha not enough sleep oso la...my colleagues oso 1 by 1 fall sick...hahaha
u jia you!