Self taken shots.



He's almost flawless in his compositions.
I respect this thing for the talents and works.
In all aspects, excellent.
Somewhere a part of the familiar character was just lost. Disap
It reminds me. Again and again. Just come. Harder each time pls.
Daydreaming at 335am. Hungry, affected, infected by oneself.
Don't be a cynic, mate.



If i were a girl, i will look hard for a man, who loves me SO MUCH, and who is rich, with at least some brains. I probably won't wanna be pregnant and go through 'labour pain'. Too painful. Sorry.

If i am a boy, i will commit the earliest years of my life on studies, and play the piano for 2 hours every day. I will exercise to achieve a good figure. By the age of 27, i would have settled down comfortably.

If i had won $11.4mil from this week's toto, i'll get a new flat. And i'll be in London again. No, maybe Japan, maybe Montreal, maybe Boston, or Germany, Taiwan?

IF.. Just dreaming makes me happy.


Family Not By Blood

Here's how i look most recently

Benny - my godfather, my mentor, my friend, my man.

Buddy JY - great company to have in all weathers, since 18years ago

Buddy Gene - a caring, thoughtful friend with great ball control =)

Once upon a time..

My one and only girlfriend, the 1st and mostly the last.



CNY 2011

Super lag! I'm referring to uploading photos.. So its all going to facebook, for now.
Anyway, i like to wish all you friends a Happy Chinese New Year. Set for yourself a positive, achievable target and work towards it. Be thankful for each year.