Self taken shots.


PeiShan said...

I love the first pic!!
Ehh~ Someone suddenly bcome so 自恋! So many selcas. LOL. =P But y all ur selcas same pose sia. Tsktsk.

angie said...

were u really bored?

mm said...

Hee u look chubbier. must be the good food n blissful coupledom :) like the foggy shot of the empty café n the funny 2nd last kuniang pic :D Rest easy, dun weigh down on things not within ure control. early days n nights and quiet days reign.

Anonymous said...

conclusion, sam is not very good at self-taking shots.. but well, you look as cute:]

Sam Wong said...

Not 自恋 la PeiShan. Sometimes a picture needs a good subject.. =D

'ahem' i wasn't bored Angie. Were u over there?

MM. I am indeed fatter now. The cafe shot was taken during a coffee break after a walk under the constant rain in Brighton. Bo kuniang, quite man leh.

Anonymous: Thank u, old le.. I'll improve on my shots!

angie said...

whoops! let the secret out!! *wink*

scandal! LOL!!

iceprincess92 said...

nice shots!hahas.but yeah!why all the poses about the same!LOL.