I was lying in bed the past 2 hours?!
Either because of the coffee and vanilla ice blended i had earlier, or i'm thinking too much, or both. Now i'm gonna throw out a little..
About 7 hours ago, a group of us were having a drink, chatting. Suddenly an old topic concerning me was brought out, again. We talked about this before, i thought about it before. But.. I didn't make it happen. Why? What's holding me back? No time? Too many issues to consider? I don't know..
But finally after discussing for a long time just now, i've decided to do it. I'll work it out when the sun rises later. Then you'll know what i'm talking about. And most of you will say.. CHEY~


Thank You!

For warming this new blog. =)
Yesterday was a tired but pretty enjoyable day. Had only 3 hours of sleep the night before, far from enough for me. But i still managed win..

胡! 十三么! Steady right?! Waiting for the last tile was SO exciting! Yeah! Alright, i'm just lucky. Anyway, we're not gambling. NO $$ involved. Its a bonding session at my sister's place. 久久一次. My most contented win of the night was this one, i was 北风北.

I insisted on taking a picture before they messed up my tiles.


Don't Like Late Nights

But i'm still up.. =( Finishing stuff. Zzzz...


Quiet Walk

Once in a while when i have time at night, i'll get out of my house and take a walk. Anywhere.. I enjoy walking. Its a good time to either think about stuff slowly or just relax and stroll. I took some pictures from my walk just now..

Too dark that i gotta photo fix this picture.

Nobody around. She's dressed in black.. Don't wanna go too near.


Neighbourhood Cat Weird Pose

I can't figure what the cat is thinking ??


Sentosa - Sky Rides

An empty ride.

The lonely ride.

A lovely ride.

My feet. Scary ride. =)
I was scared, afraid of heights. But i didn't put on helmet.


Singapore Flyers

A picture taken from up there..

Back view, Gene and myself.