Thank You!

For warming this new blog. =)
Yesterday was a tired but pretty enjoyable day. Had only 3 hours of sleep the night before, far from enough for me. But i still managed win..

胡! 十三么! Steady right?! Waiting for the last tile was SO exciting! Yeah! Alright, i'm just lucky. Anyway, we're not gambling. NO $$ involved. Its a bonding session at my sister's place. 久久一次. My most contented win of the night was this one, i was 北风北.

I insisted on taking a picture before they messed up my tiles.


capri said...

wow, ur skills no bad huh!

xiaohong said...

sam 打通宵?

Jane said...

Haha. I didn't noe u got play mahjong de leh. Cool. I did play mahjong but is not real de is computer games de. Haha. Jia you & take good care. =)

peishan said...

had 干泳 eh ..
only had 3 hr of sleep & you could still win .. you are really lucky !

pekchoo said...

Sam, At least you won the game, but too bad u never play money =)

Take Care & CYA TIS SUN...


SINGYIN said...

Hello SAM!
Triangle's good!
Haha, i love your Wu Xing De Chi Pang! :D

syl said...

so lucky lah!
aiyee. i dunno how to play tai..i wanna learn! lol
yesyes, 知道你不喜歡賭錢的啦.. =)

Jean said...


even though i don know to play..but it seems tat its very good eh...congrats for winning..hehex=)...

ellekay :] said...

3hours is far from enough?
i would be crying for sleep~

what great luck you have!
good job!



Rah said...

steady la. (:
very lucky right on tt day. keke.. have fun jiu hao le..(:

take care lor!

quizzy_me=) said...

mahjong. i duno how to play. so if i play, i sure die. BUT IF I LEARN LE, I THINK SAM WILL DIE =X. haha jkjk.

gd night lo. i need more sleep but i can't sleep yet. busy~~ haa!

Sam Wong said...

Not bad mahjong skills?! Thank u ah, make me happy. Well, i think we know that luck plays a BIG part in the game so.. Heh. I'm glad that i'm not the only one who needs more sleep, i'm not a pig though. SLEEPING TIME!

binz said...

ahh i miss playing mahjong.. i only get to play mahjong like during end of year chalets and no other times~ but when get to play, everyone becomes high and will luan luan play cause it involves no money and it's all the non pro playing..

capri said...

wah, 2.16am... me oredi in dreamland...

3 of u hv been sleeping really "early"... try to go sleep even earlier...

i oso like mj, but oni get to play once or twice a YEAR! haa... still paying fees to brush up my skills, but nvm, coz it's fun!