Red Days


The PRO took this picture. Thank you man.

You can tell the diff between a good camera and a phone camera.

Abit pretty..

After few days of rest but not rest because of visitingS, back to earning one's livelihood tomorrow(me)! Be joyful, we've earned a little the past 2 days from just handshakes. Hor?



Happy Chinese New Year!
Rosy Cheeks.
Red ears.
I wish all of you friendly people good health, i think that's the beginning to everything.


2nd ONE Open-ded!

Yes. The winds are very strong these days. At least to me. And Weather Info Service tells me that its cloudy 3 out of the 4 times i called to enquire, the other 1 was showers.

Had a great time yesterday, Sunday, with the gang. Which gang? The gang.
Some of them told me that its unlike me to keep a blog. I said they really know me well. I like them. But they also say that its me in the blog. I love them. They know.

I wanna go cycling. Badly. But i got no time. NO time. I don't mean bring your 2 wheel bike down to the void decks or MSCP with oil patches on the floor to cycle. I wanna go far, i wanna fly, travel the vast universe, at least a few hours non-stop. Unable to find time slots for that at moment. Next month ba.

I'm tired. I feel busy, dis-orientated. School started 2 weeks le. I think some of you feel tired and busy too. But bo pian, still gotta fight.




Like the usual saying - Practice makes perfect.
If you work hard, you can do it some day.
Many years ago, little Sam know nuts bout music (not that he knows a lot now), he could only make some noise and sing fancyful Aaron Kwok numbers (Tell Me Why..一颗心安静不下来..) and Ah Lun and older than AL singers' oldies. Then he was really keen to pick up some instruments. He was pretty hardworking, in fact very. Watch and learn and watch and try and when doesn't sound correct go ask then try again..

I admit i'm lazier now. SO much more to learn.. ITs NEVER SUPPOSED TO END.. Come on Sam!

No, i didn't pick up keyboard from xylo..
Sing this: (QUE SERA SERA)
When i was just a little boy
There was a piano
Inside my home
Then i decided
To play with it
I started on my own..

Oh i ask people
And then they tell me tell me
I ask Benny and WeiQi
Oh piano piano
Sound so good so good..

Eh what rubbish song sia?!



My favourite berms i'm wearing today.
A T shirt that's not quite me, too exposed.

Got quite a bit of work to be done today..
Lunch with my BIG guy 1st! He's DA MAN.

Who huh? The fierce chef lor..



Sometimes you have good days, sometimes bad.
Sometimes you work really hard to make things smooth, then other factors spoil it all.
Sometmes you think that you did your best, actually you didn't.
Sometimes you blame every other thing but yourself when things doesn't workout, better reflect.
Sometimes you find yourself in a lousy situation, you feel defeated.
Sometimes you feel so helpless about something, maybe a few things, then how?
Sometimes, TRY to find just 1 thing in the situation that is positive. You'll feel better.
I found it today.

Btw, today's 十五日 - full moon night.


Giddy Boy

Not feeling well today. Past few days, been having this strong urge to puke. I finally did just now, right before my lesson. Sian. I think all that i ate earlier was out, a lot lei - HK noodles, rice, ice milo, you tiao and the ice coffee i last had 10min before. I don't mean be to be gross. I certainly hope that there wasn't any smell when i talked just now. No pictures, don't use your imagination.

Halo everybody. Thank you for your concern. I've always had this problem, not so serious de, just got worse the past few days. Good thing i'm feeling fine today. Hmm.. I'll probably see a doc if i'm still unwell next week, though i prefer not to, save money, time will heal (not advising ah). Will see some of ya later!



I walked quite a lot today, around SMU. Recce for Saturday. Crap. Had an appointment with the guys around that area and needed to buy some stuff. Then ended up skipping up and down alone. Others look at this guy half squat on the ground in the middle of the Middle Road taking pictures, thinking that he's siao.

Safety mirror.

A gallery.

No crossing in front of Singapore Council Women's Organization.

Nice old Ducati, i once dream of owning this bike.. I got 2A lei. HL



At Home

Going out for dinner now. (830pm)

"Kolo Mee" followed by normal fries and curly fries from *** which didn't taste as well as usual.
Back from dinner at 1105pm.

I walked more than 17,000 steps today. (stepping drum pedal not included)
To stay fit and healthy, 10,000 steps a day.