I've Decided

I chose what's seems not the better option to most.
But i am happier. That's it.
Thank you for sharing your opinions.

I'LL BE UP ON STAGE ONCE AGAIN, after a year exactly.

31st Dec 2010 at Vivo.
Come on down for 'LIVE' music if you can!


syl said...

yessssss, exactly one year! JIAYOU k! =)

th-JESS said...

we'll be there, but stuck outside ): no tickets, so sing louder. we'll be listening ;)

Uncle Phil said...

Halo Sam,
Its a waste that I can't attend the event as I will be on duty that night.
I miss MLB's performing LIVE.
Hope you guys will have a great time.
Merry Christmas & A Very Happy 2011.
Wish to see you guys again soon.
Take care..

mm said...

May your decision be God's gift to you this Christmas. Blessed Christmas!:) So excited to hear about the stage thingy-exactly 1 yr! Happy fill-ing!

carol said...

jiayou!!! :))

th-JESS said...

great performance today! :)

and thanks. heh.