Now Or Never

Either bite the bullet now, or don't dream big later on.
I haven't had enough courage to take whichever step yet.
But not to worry, still doing fine.

I super miss jammin. Super miss good jammin.
Will have one soon probably.. Hopefully i'm within the 'good jammin' part.
It takes some 'mo qi'.
Hit the drums once more Sam Wong. Hit it well.


ellekay :] said...

you're gonna be as good as ever.
cheers! ;)

binz said...

and we are hoping to watch the results of the good jammin eh(:

mm said...

i m sure the tiger will find courage within...somewhere, somehow...when he believes in what he is doing, so says the mouse to the cat :P pretty sure u will be part of the good jammin, chemistry is such a treasure to behold!

th-JESS said...

jamming takes things off the player's mind ;)
do what you enjoy, life is not long not short, so enjoy while u can ;)

Jean said...

Jiayou! :)

angie said...

sam, happy merry Christmas!
hope you have a magnificent new year!

wishing every dream you search after there 's a rainbow behind every disguise.

Sam Wong said...

I see the rainbow. Its located beside the instruments, if you get what i mean.

angie said...