I'm off.

L.F.D map

Outside the window.

Batam central 的旁边.

Green flip flops, green waters. My foot.

A band competition, pretty good rock music.
Basically nothing interesting to capture. I wasn't near the beach too.


angie said...

nice view, can buy keropok for me? prawn or fish one also nice..sedap..haha jokes la!!

flora said...

It's been a long time since I went Batam. Any interesting things there?

th-JESS said...

mmm, i love short getaways to batam too@

super cheap yet good food! can go for massage too xD i'll be going there for my birthday in a month too!

Sam Wong said...

Eeee.. Fish keropok doesn't sound nice. =)

Hmm.. For me the nasi goreng was interesting- S$0.80 a plate. DAMN shiok.

Jess, i hope u'll have lotsa fun!

th-JESS said...

LOL! 80cents a plate and its interesting.. wow...
u MUST EAT their ayam penyet there!!!
and a&w, omg!!

did u play their seasports n go-kart? cause i think those are must-plays when u get to batam ;x
and i'll certainly have lottttttts of fun, thanks ;p

singyin said...

green flip flop. green sea. no green toes? HAHAHA

Sam Wong said...

Your birthday again?

singyin said...

YES^^ but green toes and birthday no link!