To me, websites and blogs weren't usual to own, then. But now, it is so easy, and quite usual for a young student eg. in sec 1 to set up. And it's design could be complicated, with animation and interesting gadgets that i didn't know existed. Most people in their fifties or around that generation eg. some in my family, know nuts bout websites and blogs. They are not informed of the convenience internet can provide, or how they can be so close to one another without having to be near physically -facebook- this thing is amazing. I mean to those who don't know, its like WA.. Just like how i got excited when i saw this iPhone app -bus guide. This one lets you know when the bus is arriving so you can actually plan what time to leave home or your office. So you won't perspire like siao standing at the bus stop after a 7 min walk from home plus the fact that you just showered and styled your hair with wax but its mixing with your sweat dripping off your forehead. I don't have an iPhone, yet. Remember the pager? Before SMS was born, i read very short messages from the pager in my pocket. Kids now never heard of pager, but SMS is a common thing to them.
Everything's changing so quickly, they are new inventions everyday. Sometimes i'm just lazy, which is why i can never keep up.
In other parts of the world, people are still travelling hours by foot to work. Due to poverty. Due to the lack of knowledge.


binz said...

we can only say technology is simply amazing(:
you cannot fling your phone into the air anymore if you get an iPhone! haha..

capri said...

yup, everything chges so fast, too fast. it's hard to keep up with chges. be contented. we already own much.

Sam Wong said...

Bin, i'll show you when i have. LOL.

Its hard to keep up also cos we don't try hard enough. Be contented, agreed.

YUJING said...

oh, i just got to know yesterday that normal handphones can have that bus guide application as well, in the form of sms though. but you need to know the bus stop code where you'll be boarding your bus.

busstopcode - busnumber to 74744

10Cts per sms i think.

Huixuan said...

Didn't know you got such a sense of humour till I started reading your blog. Hahaha

Sam Wong said...

I tried that before, Yujing.. That's pretty useful too.


mm said...

aha, didnt know u experienced the pager era as well! i was quite fascinated w the hk system in the movies where they call in to the call center to listen to a total stranger relay a private msg from a friend/relative. these 2 technology def bring on another new era, esp the phone. It can bring abt a total change in lifestyle if we allow it.

Sam Wong said...

Of cos, last time got pager very sud one.