Straight After Work

My legs ache now but i'm fine with it.
I once heard from somewhere, looking at a fast moving windmill may put you in a hypnotic state.

ECP @ 7pm

Can't picture my back view, but i recognise the bike.


Anonymous said...

WOW... So relaxing... I also want go relax straight after a tiring day @ school... But I cant, have to go straight home to do my school stuffs which are projects and FYP!!!!! :(

mm said...

aches frm exercise is such a good feeling...long time never experience dat oredi :( but nowadays weather so hot! really dun feel like movin an inch :P u mged to enjoy ECP b4 the oil spill!

th-JESS said...

OMG, super chio bike ;3 i like the colour!

Sam Wong said...

Think the oil didn't flow to Bedok jetty. =)

Thank you Jess. Bought it in 2003.. I clean it quite often.

th-JESS said...

haha (:
yeah can see it's very well taken of, esp that its a few years alr.. ;D