B F H !

Busy! Fat! Hot!

Today's so hot. I was walking(and perspiring) by boat quay in the afternoon. I looked up to the bright sky. I saw the clouds.. Then i saw the moon! Half a moon.. Wow, interesting..

Been travelling and walking much, to work and run errands.. Tired feet and heavy head. Massage sounds good.

I had buffet for dinner on Wednesday, ate SUPER ALOT till my tummy expanded. Dory fish, grilled chicken, hot plate beef. This morning i dream of luncheon meat, many of them in a huge wok, and i was happy. Dumb.

Dream i went to Batam too. And took some pictures. Post soon..


mm said...

haha what a funny dream...didnt know can reproduce pics from dreams, i wanna do that too! tink many peep will wanna know how to do that :P

th-JESS said...

haha u really shld go batam. the food thr is dirt cheap! can eat all u want. its like eating buffet just tt ure eating diff kind of food at a cheaper price lolol..

ah, and the seafood is cannot be missed if u go batam!!

Sam Wong said...

Use your camera phone MM..


mm said...

duh! if i rem to bring it along. but den ures seem to work better in dreams, borrow pls :P

Sam Wong said...


mm said...

hmph! i rarely dream anyways :P