What's Up?

Work.. Food, lots of oily stuff and rubbish.
I miss good music, I miss quality jammin, with good 'feel'..

'Pom Parr Pom Pom Par...'


th-JESS said...

we miss good music too. =\
oily food is good!

Anonymous said...

hi sam... joseph here... ahha..! see u in dec..!

mm said...

work n work n food too. lots of makan sessions the recent mths, good stress buster!;) arrange time for qly jammin w ure buddies, dun lose ure feel w ure drumsticks. u shld know how impt practice is :P attended a concert recently, seated a distance away, tot the drummer was u, style was pretty alike until the camera zoomed in on him :D

capri said...

We missed the jamming too! When can get to see gigs?

Sam Wong said...

Hey Jess & Joe..

MM, ni hao. Its been a while. Playing for concert sounds really fun. Lets have a stress buster again sometime.

Hey Capri, i'm unsure, really. We'll have one hopefully..

mm said...

yes, the drummer really had fun! i need it :) no gadgets allowed :P