Today's a great day. I feel good and free. Wonderful.
Tomorrow's a special date, for me.
So tomorrow should be an even better day.
I'm easily contented.


Jean said...

Yeps! and its your birthdayyy! happy 24th birthdayy sam! :) enjoy urself on this day!whoohooo

JIAHUI said...


Uncle Phil said...

Happy Birthday to you,
happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday, happy birthday,
happy birthday to Sam.
May this special day of yours be as wonderful & happiest day for you.

mm said...

祝你生日快乐!Contentment is an underrated virtue :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Sam ^^ Hoping to see more of MLB and performances. Do take care, God bless .

WeNdY said...

Halo Sam~
Today 17 Oct - Is UR B'DY!! (", )
B'dy song 4U..(English Version)
Hapi B'dy to U,
Hapi B'dy to U,
Hapi B'dy to UU,
Hapi B'dy to U(SaM)
^^Wishing U a "Happy Birthday"!!
May What you wishes for will come true;)
N enjoy yourself on this special day~UR B'DAY!!
+++Stay Happy Always, take care=))
P.S: Hope to see MLB perform soon;)

Flora said...

Happy Birthday!

capri said...

Happy belated birthday! Was travelling so couldn't wish u on time. Hope you've had a great one!

Sam Wong said...


I'm late again.

Another busy week I had.

Thank u for coming by with the greetings.

Cheers. Uncle Phil and sisters.