New Engine

His car is back, after a month in the garage..

This time i'll be extra careful and make sure i do not fall asleep while driving.

7 of July 2010. BANG! The impact was great, i can't forget.

Kids don't try this on the roads, can try at home.

Who said riding was safer?


Jean said...

But guess driving is still safer than riding.. hahas! :)

Vivien said...

Take care yuppp!!

Drive carefully!


angie said...

drive with a smile, and think of loved ones.

and everything will be alright.

feel right; safe ride :)

th-JESS said...

omg so u crashed ??! ;O

Sam Wong said...

Yes Jess. Thank you.

capri said...

Drink, dun drive. Same goes for sleepy, dun drive. Be a responsible driver. :)

mm said...

Thankee! seriously never heard of in SG, tot only happen in long drives in Msia :P sometimes my mind goes awanderin while at the wheel, i get a jolt wn i realise i jus pass a junction w/o really lookin at the lights. pretty scary feelin. ridin at off peak hrs shld be fun!

th-JESS said...

omg.. glad ure fine at least. no injuries.. phew.