This Life

Can be a meaningful and victorious one, or it can be the total opposite. It all depends on how we choose to live it. Life is short! It began when i started breathing in mum's womb. I learnt how to crawl, then to walk, and talk. School days? Seems like many years ago. Soon, i'll be an old man riding my bicycle on the sidewalk, if i live that long. By then, would i be pleased with myself? And you?

Yesterday was amazing. Once in a lifetime experience. But i wasn't a good boy.


angie said...

sam, it's great to have had known you, though not an in-depth level. good enough to wanting to say "hi" if i see u on the street. thinking of u when i spot something associates with ur likes, like the mini-eggs in taipei. all these are good things in life. always be +...... and this life will be a Plus! :)

PeiShan said...

since when were you a good boy?? =P

pleased or not pleased, life still goes on.
what to do??
try to make our lives enjoyable out of it. ;)

Adeline said...

Defintely pleased :D
and i guessed superband is one of the most imot turning points in your life! :D enjoy it!

mm said...

What? What did u do? kpo! :D if it is somethin dat cant be written down, den better to leave it in ure memory bank :P yes, true but i tink it's a choice which has to be made consciously. cos unconsciously the status quo jus feels so comfortable, we dun tink of how we wanna change things to make it even > enrichin or perhaps we dun know how much more beautiful life can be if we only dare to step up & step out. cheerio!

adene said...

like you say life is short!
for me i would rather be happy than sad!!
people says be kai xin jiu shi yi tian bu kai xin ye shi yi tian!
why not! stay happy and feel contented with what you have now!!



Anonymous said...

yo sam
第一次觀看的搖滾樂隊live concert 整個夜晚之高...^^do u have the experience of watching 搖滾樂隊live concert until so high until u cant sleep??

th-JESS said...

its good to be wild once in a while xD

Anonymous said...

Wow.. so profound de post sia... After graduate from my poly, my life will be spending in the hospital and working as a staff nurse there bah.. =)
What amazing and once in lifetime experience you have done and makes u feel that you wasn't a good boy??

Sam Wong said...

Hi Angie.. I hope we meet on the streets. Pls do say hi!

One of the best thing superband episode brought to my life is new friends including online ones some of you.

Can't mention it here, and won't tell you on Thursday too. =P

Not really Lorita. But i can't sleep however tired i am after drinking coffee.

Its good to be WOW once in a while.