I just finish reading a very very long entry from a close friend's blog, someone whom i have known for 10 years. He wrote bout his childhood, a part of mine too. It got me a little teary as i start to think back, about those years that have passed..

In my early primary school days, i was a small sized big specs boy, uniform always looked oversize on me who's underweight. I didn't excel in my studies, i didn't shine in sports, i wasn't a fast runner when we played 'catching' during recess. There was nothing at all interesting bout me. I knew nothing bout playing music yet. I didn't know how to cycle. I had few friends; only some classmates - those short ones like myself who stood in the 1st few rows when we line up, and some who took the same school bus as me. I had a habit of saving my daily allowance. When i had accumulated enough, i would go to the school bookshop and buy as many things as i could. Rubbers, rulers, pencils, my favourite pointer, the one that teacher uses. And then i'll give them out to my friends in the school bus on the way home. We played games like 'scissor paper stone' and 'ji ko pa' and my presents will be rewards for the winners(for nothing). Think they liked playing with me then, when i was generous boy Samuel Wong. Sometime in those years i also remember a classmate - my partner who sat beside me in class. This silly boy would give me a portion of his allowance daily(for at least half a year), i forgot why but i liked him a lot. I hope now he don't remember me for that.

From primary four, it was compulsory to have an ECA, now known as CCA. I joined the chess club for a few weeks then hopped to science club. I knew nuts bout chess and science and i didn't have friends there. So i quit and joined football club instead since i had one good friend in it. His name is P. P is a fast runner and a good football player while i was the opposite, so we didn't practise together. During training and games, P was often on the ball while i could only try my best to get near the ball and kick it towards the opponents' side. Basically, i just needed the coach to mark my attendance and fulfill the need to have an ECA. I stayed in the club a lousy player till i guaduated from primary school.

In secondary school, i learnt the word 'sud', means cool. I wanna look cool and be 'sud'. I had new armani hairstyle. My hair was hard and high everyday. When i look around in class, the ones who's hair were more flat and like to study were not cool, those who tuck out their shirts and play soccer were more cool. Soccer was the international language in my school. St Andrews' a boys school. And so i joined my classmates for soccer most of the time during recess or after classes. I was still a lousy player. Each time we 'make team', i'll hope to be the captain. If i was, the 1st guy i chose will feel sad to fall in my team. If i wasn't the captain, i'll be among the last to be selected.

I'm gonna stop here cos i'm feeling really tired now.


syl said...

Will there be part two?:)

Jaye said...

Hey sam,every one has diff ability! Maybe you're not good at soccer,But you're good in drums! :D Soo,don't be so dishearted man! Anyway,it's over! You're doing fine now in your life,aren't you? (: O.o,didn't know you was underweight..But now you're fine.hahaa,i know you're a christian.So give you 2 verses from bible.. "And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes;and there shall be no more death,neither sorrow,nor crying,neither shall there be any more pai;for the fomer things are passed away."(Rev 21:4) AND "So,we fix our eyes not on what is seen,but on what is unseen.For what is seen is temporary ,but for what is unseen in eternal"(2 Cor 4:1)Mmm,hope you understand this 2 verses and hope you are not so emo after that. Cheers! :D

capri said...

wow, this is a long post.

thks for sharing ur childhood stories, i njoyed reading.

do u get a lot for ur allowance? or u dun eat at all?

hope to see more of ur stories, but avoid late nites. rest well...

sirong [: said...

"those who tuck out their shirts and play soccer were more cool"




mm said...

u sound like a young old man takin a walk down memory lane :P my nephew is funny like u too, he skipped his recess n saved money to buy 1 entire box of erasers to play kuti kuti w his frens :D so ur obsession w ur hair started in sec school...now it's music n cycling. still young, not time yet to lament abt time passed. life's a discovery, we pick things up as we go along. To enrich our lives, someone told me it's never too late to find something new we hv always wanted to learn n pick it up. i wanna learn how to make my own bread. said it gazillion yrs ago, bought a recipe bk but still hv not embarked on it yet...tsk tsk :P

yavonda said...

Hahs, i stayed up till 2am too! (to chiong my hw haiyo...)
Its nice to know more about you. My eyes were practically glued to the screen when I was reading this hahas.
Keep going! As we imagine you from a little boy to an adult now=)
Its interesting!Cos' no one actually bothered to mention about his/her past when everything's just going FOR-WARD. Well, except my mum=)

yavonda said...

oh ya, and I can imagine life was so simple, really simple, when we are young.

angie said...

i rem the one and only MLB gathering I had been to, when pple r grouped into 3 groups led by each of you. being an unqualified player and an observer - i see sam makes a charismatic leader - he made pple listen; sam is an organized person - he led the team in a systematic manner, giving clear directions for his team members to follow. Sam's team came in 1st in the game. haha..

angie said...

...so next time

i'll fight for my chance to be in sam's team...

Daniel said...

wow! I am almost the same like you! The last to be choosen! Eh! WAIT! I also got one pri classmate who give me his pocket money too but he annoyed the shit out of me!

th-JESS said...

everyone have their own memories.. it's always good to look back and smile.

some things we do are silly, some are really worth to be remembered.. no matter what, everyone have a past, happy or not, it was still once our life.

what's important is now, isnt it ;)

afterall now you're successful drummer sam!

gohuixuan(: said...

Hahaha, i enjoy reading this entry. funny in a good way=)

a month ago, i was jus flipping thru decade years ago photo album and saw that 'small sized big specs boy..' photos. HAHA!

Sam Wong said...

Its good to 'look back and smile', i'm totally fine even though these aren't glam stuff to remember.

Sure, there'll be part three when i have the 'feeling'.

I forgot how much was my allowance le, sometimes i didn't eat to save.

Yes, life was really simple. NO WORRIES AT ALL.

I wanna frame up Angie's words.

gohuixuan - u saw me?


Adeline said...

Good to see you sharing in this blog post sam!! :D gives us a chance to know more about you!

Sam jiayou! :D

gohuixuan(: said...

Yes! It was taken at Rochor. Haha!

ruiting said...

ima looking forward to ur next continued post! very interesting!! haha!

Sam Wong said...



gohuixuan(: said...

Yes !