".. all my troubles seem so far away.."

Rare Sunday that i stayed home whole afternoon, with my family. Occupied myself with never ending housework, did my own laundry, played with 2 cute kids who came to visit (with their parent of course) and jumped around everywhere including my bed!!

I'm usually out there somewhere on Sundays, either with my siblings or friends. Doing what? What do we have to do in Singapore? Only eatdrink. Or else just do nothing together, look at each other and talk crap, business plans and world issues. They call it 'chill'. Err.. Very nice to 'chill' meh? LOL. Think i can open a Chilling Kopitiam since i'm a fan and everyone's doing it. Alright, just entertaining myself.

Have a great week Singapore!


syl said...

There's nothing much to do in singapore actually. Hmph.
It's already hard to find a free day for everyone to meet up, but even harder to come up with plans for the day. Aiye.

PeiShan said...

hohoho. u must be fuming mad when they jumped on ur bed =P

-justtlovee- said...

Wow... Stay at home the whole afternoon on Sunday... That is rare to hear... =) Occupied myself with never ending housework, did your own laundry and played with 2 cute kids, that good.. Rather than stay home doing nothing.. =) Chilling out with friends/clique is a good idea but I don think it will happen to me this year cause year 3 is the busiest and crucial for my friends/clique including me.. =( No time to chill out with them... Haiz!!!

Adeline said...

must "chill" with the right people :D HAHA.
later become ice cos freezing~ LOL =x okay, im lame!

and yes, shoo the troubles far far away! (:

LiYing_Fion said...

Hmm.. Answering to your "What do we have to do in Singapore?"
Walk ard and talk lots of pics!!! ^^

th-JESS said...

chilling out cause singapore too hot! must chill xD

anw it's always nice to take a break from life, sit down with friends, have a chat about anything under the sun , or maybe go cycling, which i see u rarely do now.. hmm.

and if not, it's also good to just laze arnd at home and have a good rest! ;D

no matter what, happy jiu hao! ;)

sirong said...

"Think i can open a Chilling Kopitiam since i'm a fan and everyone's doing it"

cool idea, hahah. open one chill kopitiam with mini stage for your to jam there. even cooler.

then fans can go there 'chill'.hahahaha

take care ((:

mm said...

now the sunday passed seems so far away oredi...cant recall wat i did. it's DAT far away :P tink i attempted to spring clean with no avail. Chilling Cafe sounds better but pls serve kopitiam kopi, tastes more delish than gourmet coffee! i call it going retro :P

capri said...

It's Friday! Happy weekend! =)

Sam Wong said...

Not that bad la PeiShan..

justtlovee- Time for work and time for play? Try maybe..

"Walk around and take pictures, cycling, drink kopitiam kopi and go retro, happy jiu hao." We'll do that.