Breathe Hard

Sentosa bombed Singapore. My home had a bomb shelter but my sisters went in and shut me out. How could they ever do this to me? How can they bear to hurt their brother like that? This is somewhat how i was feeling the past week. Plus more than a handfull of issues to look into when my hand isn't strong enough to carry these weights. Worst still, i was standing alone. Fortunately today, i was told that the door had an auto lock.. Sis was actually trying hard to get me inside. Oh.. Ok. Now they broke the lock and i'm in with minor cuts and scratches. We'll survive the attacks together. Somehow..

I'll upload pics from my 3.2mp cam-phone soon..

We all got headaches. His may be worst than mine cos he drank more.. Maybe he didn't but he's a lousy drinker. Smile and vommit.



Jean said...

Don really understand the Bomb part on top!..anyway maybe some photos may help after u had uploaded=D

and yays!jiayou drummer! :)

JIAHUI said...

Oh man, I miss drumming! Just whack only. Okay, wait for us. We'll be back after O's! :D

mm said...

isolation is the worst kind of feelin ever. sometimes things r never wat they seem to be until the silence is broken and u understand the other side of the story. at least the isolation is over :) cheers to your recovery, drummer! :)

syl said...

TAKE CARE eh! smilesmile =)

angie said...

thr's a thin line between being locked up or locked up..

wat do u want for birdae? :)

Yanyee said...

hello Sam, your fan Yanyee here... haha, take care of your wounds and stay happy. jiayous;D

YUJING said...

ahemss, sounds chim.

Anonymous said...

Yo Ah Sam
Greeting From Hongkong!!!!!
I have just recover from my bad thorat and coughinh badly
Are you okay?????Next week Sat is your birthday
Wish you happy birthday in advance......

Take care lol

th-JESS said...

hur hur, drinking. i've been trying to hold my crave to touch alcohol for a longggggg time. sighs sighs.

sam ! do take care and dont drink so much. its really really bad for your health. and dont feel that way, life has it's ups and downs, everything will eventually work out and the bombshelter would auto open just like how it auto locked !

jia youuu !

Sam Wong said...

Just analogies, i don't really drink.. =)

Yo JH, jia you for the papers!

Agreed, MM.

Angie, supernatural powers can?

Halo Yanyee.

Thank u Lorita.

Cheers to all!

rah said...

hey you!
i also dun understand the post abt.. but u also must jiayou okok. :)

thank you for being so understanding for me also. i cya back in a month time ya! i will be back to a more fresher me :D and i make sure i will do better than the previous! hoho. jiayou to u and me(:

u take care ok *grins*

Sam Wong said...