Plain. Fulfilling.

My past week's packed..
Work. Fun. Family. Buddies. Music. Eggs?
Those are what i've been busy with.
And the things that keep me going.

Its common that we take for granted many things.
-Family - i'm guilty of this.
-One's ability and talent - when you don't make the best of it..
-Home, shelter you can always return to - this one's quite similar to family, how do you contribute to your home?
-Friends who are around when you need them.

Christmas is coming! Date that marks the birth of Christ.
Christmas to me is the most meaningful season of the year. A time to reflect on yourself. A time to care and share. Perhaps its a good time to remember people we've missed out.


mk said...

have an enjoyable time with people you cherish this christmas! smile.. (:

syl said...

spread your love this christmas season! =D
spend more time with your family ya!

Xiang ping said...

ya Christmas Day is coming soon le haha=D..Time flies so fast de yi chuan yan jiu the month of December liao le haha=D..What is your Christmas wish erm..Mi Lu Bing got performace during the courtdown...ok gtg le take care

qIaNhUi said...

U're Busy With Eggs?!?
Busy Eating Them Huh??? LOL!

Yup The Joyful Christmas Is Coming SOON.! :)

MIKO(: said...

erm.. zi char is 煮炒 lor. you know you know? haha my friend saw someone like you eating zi char at tpy that day. but dont know if it's you? lol

christmas is love. (:
but after christmas means sch's reopening. haha! but also good la. i love school (: dont like exams only =x

Sam Wong said...

Zi Char, i know i know!
I don't know if your friend saw me, cos i didn't eat zi char recently. =)

Anonymous said...

agree with syl
spend more time with our family members!!!mostly,I will go out with my family for christmas buffet ma

I think Family n Frends are important for me

Jane said...

Yah christmas day is coming soon. Hope u enjoy urself with ur family, friends & buddy. =)

yavonda said...

Yeah haha! I just sold handmade christmas cards while doing cip. So fun...esp when the people who said 'no' and walked past, came back and bought 1 because its too nice! haha.. sry bout that 'not-so-humble' last part cos i was so happy! =D

~Tis' the Season to be Jolly lalalalala lalalala~

Pek Choo said...

Yeah~ Xmas day is coming soon... It's the time for you to cherish with the people... Spent more time with family & friends...
Enjoy yourself!
See you next week.

Smile =)

ellekay :] said...

merry xmas in advance yo sam!

gene said...

most of us are guilty of neglecting whats actually important, sad. seriously, i've always admire those who are able appreciate the simpler things in life.

hong said...

im goin to aus for christmas =D
wish you have a sweet and happy christmas!
rmb to rest more~

♥ XiAoLaOsHu ♥ said...

yeahhx..christmas iis comiin..
have a joyful christmas celebration wit ur family n friens..
take Care lots..
Joanne :P

quizzy_me=) said...

its confirmed that this christmas and even christmas eve will be spent working. FULL SHIFT ON BOTH DAYS somemore. haiyaiyai. I guess I shall take it as for the first time in my life I'm spending this JOYFUL season at sun plaza ba...HAHAHA =X

meanwhile, merry christmas in advance to sam yo~ may you have a great time with all your love ones =).
take care!

Rah said...

hohoho! :P

had a great day spenting with ur family n loves one yo..^^