Thank you. For encouraging me.
Perhaps its alright to whine once in a while, feel em0 and cry or grumble. But after that, get up and get on with life ya. I'm back. At least i was truly happy last night.
I went to our friend Alvin's wedding. Yes, he's the always cheerful drummer. He and Mrs Alvin certainly spent a lot of effort in preparing last night's dinner, an entertaining and memorable one. Delicious food, cute videos of the loving couple and old friends from the bands seated around the table. I'm not a crowd, party kind of person, but i enjoyed the company around me. I was me, crappin quite a bit.

After the dinner, 5 of us went to the SAT3 for a drink..

Peaceful airport at 2am.

Relaxing, resting..

Coffee's here!

Ahhhh... Nice..


+YH+ said...

sometimes emotions make human real,so being emotional is very human,nothings wrong about it~~~

awww~the coffee looks really nice~


syl said...



take care! =)

Pek Choo said...

Whee~ Finally you are back blogging =)

Don't think too much!! Be happy =)
Wah~ So late went T3, TCC have a cup of coffee!!


qIaNhUi said...

Feel Sooo Nice To Relax Rite?


Anonymous said...

wow,so relaxing
How i wish i can relax like you having coffee....

You look so cool in the pic=]

ZHU meiyi (: said...

glad that u're alright now.
i miss u guys.
keep on smiling! xD

Xiang ping said...

Having a peaceful place to rest is good also have a peaceful place to rest too haha=D..Ur 2nd photo it looks like you are so tired...

angie said...

come to think of it, i really miss those quiet moments "eloping" away from the hustle and bustle of reality.

sometimes, it's thankful that we have a little setbacks/upsets in our daily lives--they show us that we have grown up and we are ready to ride through these cos' WE CAN.


Charlene said...

Hi Sam, Glad you are back and feeling better after relaxing. : )
We humans have emotions if not what are we? hahas
We're not control by anything or anyone. Must RMB we are Ourselves! Nothing is perfect in life. Smile to others, it makes u feel happy too! Sam hook on to a happy life if possible.. not to think of unhappy but happy things in life.. always think that someone is thinking of u & love u. U look good & smart in this picx. Sure mani girls watching u? Right?? : P

Dun think too much..
ya will miss u!

Take Care

Jane said...

Good that u enjoy urself. So late still at T3. Haha. Can see that u are tired. Rest more while u can.

Take care. =]

shumei said...

sam wat hp u using, i really think u gt gd photography skills.!

Sam Wong said...

Thank you for the compliments.
I'm using a Sony Ericsson, W890i.
Very happy with my phone, especially when i bought it on promo at a super low price.

shumei said...

u noe last time i used to do wat u do, middle of e nite go airport for coffee,go reservoir, parks to see the nite secenary, very relaxing and cooling. the feeling is just so good.. but wil u have time to sleep when u r so busy with ur work

Anonymous said...

I love to sit at a peaceful place and drink a cup of coffee too.

Especially at the airport.

:) Chocolady