Who invented music?

Nobody knows. Music has been around since before humans came into existence. Birds sing, water drips, leaves rustle, fire crackles, and so on. Caveman used to make music. It wasn't "invented" but discovered. Everyone hums, taps, snaps, beats, etc. Music goes as far back as human existence. No one single person can be credited with "inventing" music. Music has existed since prehistoric times and predates the written word.

We all love music. Whatever kind of music - loud, soft, heavy, country, jazz, rock, blues, world, metal, ballad, folk, international.. And on and on and on.. Can you say that the genre i like is nice, and what you listen to is boring? Or can you say that i listen to more high class music than you? I don't think so. Its subjective. Different preferences ba. No doubt some music cost more than the others, because of branding? Or the atmosphere of the environment? Or occasions these music caters to?

I've watched before a concert in the Esplanade's theatre, damn good sounding. Almost the perfect place to enjoy music.

I've watched concerts at the indoor and outdoor stadium, and Expo. Happening, very high throughout, was also enjoyable.

I've stood beside a handicap man singing and playing his guitar at the crowded underpass of Orchard road. The simplest tune from him at that moment could be nothing less compared to those mentioned earlier.

Music affect one's mood. On different occasions, a song will get to you in a different way. This song never fails to touch me..
张学友 -


min. x)) said...

nods nods.
totally agree that music affects one's mood.
sometimes i wonder if it's a good thing, or not.

but i guess music's a part of everyone's life. just to a different extent only. (:

syl said...

ya lor!
music definitely affect one's mood.
sometimes listening to too much sad songs can make me so moody! arghh.
but music makes the world alive!
so many different countries ard the world, different races of ppl, different languages we speak.. i guess, only music can bring the ppl together as one..
OH! so that's the title of this song! haha! used to hear my dad sing this song when i was still small~ i like the 'chong cee yi hao~' haha!

ZA said...

Nice post! Can tell how much music made impact on your life.


qIaNhUi said...


Emmm... Cant Live Without Music Yea ~
Continue To Make Great Musics Ba!

Jane said...

Thanks for sharing. Nice song of 张学友. Hehe. Nowadays raining le. Take good care. Going to zzz liao. Good night. =)

rah said...

i agree with ya.
different ppl have different kind of taste of listening to different kind or type of music..

as for me. i really love emo-ing and slow songs.LOL! maybe it just bring out the feel of the songs..haa. and also can make me awake while working.. :) heh heh.. as long it music. for me it doesn't matter la. hahs!

all the places tt u mention for concert yups. been all there before. only one word to describe it really shoick=) really bring out the atmosphere ba! ^^

take care den! :DD

Anonymous said...

That's the song that Shawn Chen sang to propose marriage to Michelle Chia that won her heart!
Nice song!

Xiang ping said...

is so cool with alots of colour spotlight hehe=D...Take care

Pek Choo said...

Yeah~ I can't live without music too =)

Music rocks!!!