I've definitely not covered the whole of Singapore. Anyone got interesting places to share?

Singapore's SO0o small.
Small small small.
There's kinda not many interesting stuff in this country. LIMITED, SO FEW, ALMOST NOTHING! Or maybe i just can't find..
And when its like that, at times i will entertain myself with the slightest amusing thing i find..

Cool brown cat tanning at the void-deck.

Skinny cat half-squat on the center table of a food court, ignoring the human race and staring at me savouring cajun fries. No i didn't share my food.

Why is it that i always take pictures of cats? Probably because there are many of them here and i bump into them pretty often.

Back to the topic of small. Small country Singapore. OK I'M NOT COMPLAINING.
How can i complain when we live in such a peaceful country? Away from natural disasters. I should be thankful to be here. Yes i am.. Thank you Singapore.

I wish to see more things!!
I wish to travel the world!!
I wish for world peace!!
I think alot of people also has the same wish.
I wish all our wishes will be fufilled..


ellekay :] said...

uh huh.
CHEERS to the wishes!

syl said...

national day arh?
take caree! =)

Jane said...

Yah singapore so small. Boring. Not so many nice place can shop or what de. But we are glad that singapore is a nice n clean place. Yah i also have the same wish as u.

Happy teaching drum. Jia you and take good care. =]

quizzy_me=) said...

there's medium fat cat around my house bus stop. i dun dare to get near it but as time goes, i find him quite ke lian. how i wish i could ask him, why r u always loitering or sleep around this area? dun u have other places to go? hahaha...

if i got the chance and if i dare, i'll take his picture and show u =).
i scared of cats de! haha.

singapore very small, but we r well protected. if we r not in singapore, there won't be MILUBING and we wouldn't have met each other le. right right? haha =)

cough cough. i'm still sick =(

flo said...

Sam boy, ever think of cycling to MY? My friends did that and told me it was great experience. Maybe you can try too. No at those city area, but ulu ulu kampongs and jungle.Btw, are you in any cycling club? Cos I know they do organise some activities like that.

Faith said...


How wonderful it would be if we could pool the world's wishes for world peace together and through its collective strength, make it come true =)

min. x)) said...

yes, singapore is so small.
but despite that, there are many places that i've never been too.
like whenever you post nicenice pictures in your blog (eg. when you go cycling), i'd be like "wahh, so nice! but where is it ah?" haha.
guess you've pretty much explored the entire singapore already? haha.

takecare! :D

capri said...

hi sam,

though spore is small, but embarass to say, i've yet to been to every part of it. alws wanted to tour ard spore to all d interesting places, but din get to do it yet. =p

wat abt u?

i'm oso contented tat i live here. though we r small, but we really get to njoy d peace & safe fm natural disasters. & it's so convenient to travel out to o/r ctries whenever we want.

planning for any vacation? i'm counting dwn to my taiwan trip. gg to miss d countdwn wif u guys though...

Xiang ping said...

ya,we must thank you to have a peaceful places like Singapore..And also must thanks to our parents to rise us up and we know about Singapore History.And i also read your another post le..The go East Coast Park for cycling..Morning go East Coast Park for cycling also good haha=D..There maybe have a fresh air listen to the sea sound..Haha=D..OK i end here le link and tag me soon ya..Take care...

rah said...

yes i agree.. always seeing u posting cat de pic LOL! thought u love cat lor..=P but cute ..hahaha..=X

anyway i agree tt singapore is really small.. like you. i wanna go overseas and explore moreee and see more new things..sigh! but den still thankful tt i am born in sg.. like u say prevent from nature disasters etc (: aha.. shld be contented with wad we have now ^^

Sam Wong said...

Flora, what's MY?
I heard of some cycling clubs, but don't have the time and energy to join them.
Wa Capri! I believe there'll be nice countdown programmes over there at Xi Men Ding, if you're around..

capri said...

i tink flo refers to msia.

yeah, i'm looking fwd d countdwn there too, but oso worried coz it'll b super crowded. ("!)

quizzy_me, drink more water! get well soon...

capri said...

these are some of d places tat i wld like to visit:




mk said...

cycling's not my thing, but try the southern ridges for walking?
healthy :)

fayeth said...

You could try exploring the Marina South Pier area