Wake up!

I've been so occupied with many things. Not all of them are significant though. Whatever~ I will squeeze time out for cycling - no.1 pastime, even if at the cost of precious sleep. On 8.11.08, alarm rang at 7am. I got up reluctantly, woke my buddy up. Its a Saturday morning.. LETS GO CYCLING!

1st stop - Breakfast.
While we were enjoying laksa and milo peng, it began to drizzle.
Fortunately, the rain stopped after bout 15mins?
Off to east coast park..

Hour glass that's not working.

"Plein Air" by Delia Prvacki
-Ceramic and Mosaic stone cast

Trying to pose while trying not to fall..


That's my buddy!

Camo cat, threatened face.

The early hours of a day are so valuable, i'm satisfied with how i spent mine on this day. -_-


dot said...

nice photos..
are u wearing the sunglasses we got? ;)

started drum lesssons yet?

Pek Choo said...


Wake up so early on Sat...
Lot's of pics =)

You really enjoyed urself cycling at ECP =)

Take care

syl said...

the caption of 世界那么大 is a nice one!
yupyup, i agree with the early hours statement. most ppl would spend it in their dreamland, but actually, given that few hours, we can do alot of things!

Rah said...

the thing is so so tall la..lols!
i think i sure fall down and *scream* like mad..HAHAHA ! so tall..-.-" scary de lor. nvm. cause u very brave ma. hahahs. :)

glad tt u enjoy this day la. it seem so fun to cycle around yea. (:

take care lor sam!^^

Jane said...

Look like u enjoying urself. Thats great. Nice pose. Hehe. =) Katong is the best place for laska?? Take care.

Jean said...

Katong lasak!!!..long time never eat le..and ur "世界那么大!!
“reminds mi of the adver i saw on the tv!and the pilar? looks so tall!!..hahashahas...looks lyk u had a great weekend!enjoy urself more!=Dtake care=D

ruiting said...



how did u climb so high.

yavonda said...

Wow lol. How did you climb all that up?

Sam Wong said...

Halo Dot.
I'm teaching drums now..
And yes, i wear them. =)
Eh.. How did i climb?
With my arms and legs, wrapped around the pillars lor..

ellekay :] said...

its really great to have a buddy as a companion for such outdoors...

ruiting said...

then how did u come down?

angie said...

how do you managed to got up those poles?
You look good with sunglasses!:)

Angie said...

haha.. like a monkey

Jane said...

Happy teaching drum. Yah singapore is small while 世界那么大.

capri said...

morning sam...

wow, u really can climb... picked up d monkey climbing skills? lol...

so far wat we hv seen fm ur pics r monkeys & cats... can take some interesting insects too. ;-)

so long din go cycle liao... i missed tat.

Sam Wong said...

How i got up, the same way i come down..

Yes, i love my buddy! Brotherhood.


Haha =)

Angie said...

Haha.. Relax la.
Because only monkey climb up & Down.. haha :)

If you sleep lately at night everyday & you will become a Panda? keke :D
Joking Joking.. Don't get angry! :P

Sam Wong said...