Get Alive!

Late nights, early mornings.. Oh..
Where's the rest?
It's not enough
It makes the world go round and round oh..
Where's my rest?
Give me now
Don't make my world go round and round oh..


capri said...

hahahaha... ur new song?

syl said...

poor thinggg.
endure for awhile more!
jia youuuu! =D

Anonymous said...

are u giddy?

th-JESS said...

aww .. you guys are super busy nowadays isnt it ... events coming up and new album on the way. But still do try to get as much rest as possible !

Jean said...

same here too! late night and early mornings! due to exams~! everyday burn midnight oil..hahas=D now become panda already, luckily it gonna end tml after 11.30am! yays=D anyway take care and post pictures=D

Anonymous said...

Hahaha..... Oooh !
new song !


Sam Wong said...

Old song actually, from Hanson..

Anonymous said...

It's often hard to find someone who listens to Hanson ... where's the love. You take care man .

capri said...

saw ur hair at d event... fringe is really long. wat style u all gg to hv? will prefer some neater cut. ;p

great performance btw!

Sam Wong said...

Hanson, i listen, and i appreciate.

Capri, i like neat cuts too.. Just had a trim, i had a heavier head a week ago.

YJ.. I read le. Thank you for sharing, i'm happy for you that the drink's back in action cos i think that was what you were hoping for. With regards to the other issue.. I have a close friend who's in a similar but more serious situation, he's seen the doctors and he'll be fine in time to come. So, make it happen too. He'll be fine, take care!