I'm feeling good, having long hours of sleep daily. Apart for coughing and slight headaches occasionally, i think i'm fine! Actually today's officially my last day of confinement, but i guess to play safe i'll continue to camp at home and watch Animal Planet till *cough cough* disappears too. Thank you everyone for your concern! I feel it!

I miss the beach, miss exercising, miss drumming, miss coffee sessions, miss the walk in the park. I miss the freedom to roam around..

I hope my student drummers have been practising though teacher's not around, even mental practice is important..



pekchoo said...

I know how you feel staying at home really feel too bored.

You're recovering soon.

You will definitely have the chance to roam around ya.

Take Care.
Get Well Soon =)

Hope to see healthy SAM... ^_____^

PeiShan said...

glad to hear tt =D

and freedom..
they all miss you as well!!

anyway, the pic is dame *eww~* la.

rah said...

wassup with that beetle luh D:
i was shock meh when i went to ur blog.. xia si lun~ -_-"

u get well soon la. recover le faster resume lesson LOL! :P lalala~-ing! :)

Yun Ping said...

Ok.At least you are fine:D
Haha..yeah,you missed a lot of nice ouotdoor activities!Have to catch up!:D
The rhino beetle is disgusting..haha..anyway,take care!^_^

th-JESS said...

eeek ! the beetle looks like cockroach xD

Anyway glad that you're feeling fine already ! These days trapped at home must have bored you to the maximum huh !

But it's good too, at least u can get alot alot more rest !
After you've recovered you can go back to the sun ^^

Take care ! and still rest more, so the flu bug will go away totally yeah.

ger said...

Hello! rmb me? Hope u are recovering well...and the beetle is disgusting!!!

Greetings from Swizterland (haha..)

qIaNhUi said...

Oh Gosh That Pic Was "Kinda Scary" Lek...
Anyway, good that u're recovering le *SmiLez*
We want to see a HEALTHY SAM again! LOL ~

Take Good Good Care Yea, Rest Well Well Well, Drink Lots Lots Lots Of Water...
Ok sound abit naggy though, alright then --- *run*

flora said...

Your place only got Animal Planet? Thought Starhub cable has more than that? Or you are filming your own Animal Planet.. and that 甲虫 is your main actor?? Poor thing, must be kena your H1N1 as well.

Miss the beach? I missed them too. So I'm on my way to them. Yeah Yeah Yeah!!! Redang!!!

Heard of this song?

We're all going on a summer holiday
no more working for a week or two.
Fun and laughter on our summer holiday,
no more worries for me or you,
for a week or two.

penguin said...

反正海灘與公園不會跑掉 ^^


Anonymous said...

good to hear that. =P

syl said...

Haha yeah, you can regain your freedom very soon! :)

Jean said...

Glad that u are getting well already!=DDD.. rest more..AND AND AND HOR!, the beetle is damn BIG!..

WeNdY said...

Hi, Sam,

Gald to hear from you:)

Great, you soon recover! Felt hapi 4u^^

Do endure awhile more k, v fast one & soon you can be like b4 cycling, play drum, meet friends out, search for food. . Take care, Sam=))

P.S: "Yue Ding" ~ Nice:) 2me, 26 Jul gathering still deep in my mind, :) on my face. .

yavonda said...

Glad ure okay already=)
Was rly busy past few wks and missed this big incident until like newspaper reported it.
Haha.. Erhm, eat more apples and get that cough bug off ya! =D

Shall see ya back in action,fully recovered soon!

GNIJUY said...

its a routine for me to pray every morning. my prayers is always, "保佑全家人平平安安,健健康康,永远开开心心." wherelse now, my prayers is always, "保佑全家人和 mr. SAM 平平安安,健健康康,永远开开心心."(: HAHA! hence glad that hear that you're getting better:D

hmm.. 闷到 bully beetle? LOL! but anyw, its seems to be a good time for you to catch the rest that you need!


mm said...

U mus be okay cos u were bored enuf to 'bully' a lil bug...ha...

quizzy_me=) said...

heee....rhino beetle not steady de...sam didi more steady...hope u r better le...hahaha...

u miss all the above-mentioned, but we miss u can! hahaha...

jia you in fighting the virus!

Uncle Phil said...

Hi Sam,
Glad to hear that you are on the way to recovery.
Please continue to rest well & drink enough water.
Very soon you will be able to get back into your normal routine.
Take care & all the best. Have a great & wonderful weekend. :)

thirtycents87 said...


was feeling sick too.
but not as serious as yours, i guess ...

so in the end did ya helped the Rhino Beetle to turn over?


ik said...

ya lo confinement is damn boring..cos i got quarantine for one week somewhere in june.. my cousin got H1N1 from church and the previous night we had
dinner together at my grandma's house. he recovered well and i also not affected.. thank God!

why the reporter know u sick huh?

hope to see u soon!

YUMIN(: said...


binz said...

guess it's a blessing in disguise to let you rest from the hectic work schedule! must treasure the slackness now then chiong ah soon!

man poor beetle kana overturned! and why the beetle looks so like cockroach :X i have got golden beetle visit me before :S

sofui said...

haha jus realised u changed ur tagline to be a healthy billionaire ya..wats wealth wo health rit..do take good care of yourself cos it's the one who suffers the most wn he/she falls sick de lor..did u nt give the rhino beetle a leg-up..but maybe seeing the world from an upside-dw view is also a refreshing change? =) i like sliding dw the slide head-first..it's a totally diff feeling from sitting upright and sliding dw..it's exciting cos it's diff and u dunno wat to expect next..like getting injured? kidz luv adventures..i hope we can alwz kip that adventurous spirit with us no matter wat we do..so, concentrate on getting well and u will be exercising, drumming, drinking coffee, taking walks and doing all ur fav tings in no time..ciao for now.

sirong [: said...

sam !~

hope you will get FULL recovery soon..

and drinks tons of water k .

may GOD bless you (:

Sam Wong said...

Good day to all.
Halo Geraldine in Switzerland.

Flora, i'm usually watching channel 55. Heard that song before and i'll like a holiday too.

Thank you GNIJUY..

I used my feet to push that damn BIG bug over, didn't bully.. *EWW~*

Drink water!

angie said...

juz drop by to tell u that my market has been re-opened. Yay, means food. i believe some elements r really good for health. TLC and breathe lotsa fresh air. personally i like camomile tea add with a little honey. good antidote to detox, soothe the throat, and a good cuddly tight sleep. stay pink ya.

PeiShan said...

*eww~ eww~ eww~*
how 'kind' of you to turn the big bug over -.-

btw, my mum wants me to send her regards to you, get well soon! =D

th-JESS said...

ewwww~ i would've used a broom and swept the beetle out of my house . it looks soooo big somemore !

didnt it bite ur toes then ? xD

glad tt u're recovering well, the beach is waiting for u , it wont run, dont worry ! ;D

mm is not a bully too said...

ok, i get the picture. it was a BIG bug! :D at least u helped to put the big guy back on its feet. well done! *give u a big pat on your back*

capri said...

hey sam, glad u r recovering well. soon to regain ur freedom! =)

Sam Wong said...

I'm afraid of that thing too. =)

Thank your Mum, Pei Shan.

syl said...

where do you wish to go to?