Mission Accomplished

For the year 2009.
Agenda for today, referring to 08.07.2009.

Without much confidence due to the lack of exercise
Was afraid of falling out if my legs weren't obedient
Some part still hurt a little sometimes.
Today i was really unsure but i just told myself i have to make it because i really wanted to, do it once and do it good.
Mind over body.

I did it!! YEA!! Super super happy!



BiRu said...

what mission is that ?
long time no see uh :D

1299 said...


+YH+ said...

nothing can stop us if we have faith..
gratz you for accomplishing the things that you wanna do (:

Anonymous said...

what mission?

Yun Ping said...

Congratulations yeah?Finally did it!:D
Continue to jia you ba!XD

mm said...

Take care for ure reservist. :)

Anonymous said...

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Sam Wong said...

WOW. Thanks!