Man U's two goals behind..
I'm staying up to see them lose..
Aim for the legs.
Yea i support Man U, but i think Barcelona deserves the win.


pekchoo said...

:] Dun stay up so late!


syl said...

i was in my dreamland then. heh.

Anonymous said...

wave to ah sam
u stay up to MAN U!!!!Me too lo
I thought they will win ma =(
I support MAN U !!!

ik said...


you wanted to sacrifice your slp to watch Man U host the cup right?..a pity they lost...

But at least Man U got 3 cups already leh..enough liao..cannot be so greedy..:p

qIaNhUi said...

Dun stay up too late, had enough sleep alright :)

mm said...

BOO back! never follow this league but it's real frus to see ure team lose n den realise too dat the other team deserves to win. the rights to the next world cup is w ano telco. so fedup w these telcos, who wants to get ano box? well, those soccer fanatics will. i wont bother. in my dream world, all telcos will hv the same setup box and control their cable channels from it. pls...some geek wk ure brain cells to make my dreamworld materialise!

Jane said...

Alot of ppl support Man U! Haha. Dun stay up too late. Sleep early. :)

Good night! Sweet dream! :D

WeNdY said...

Halo, Sam,

=)) Having enough of slp v impt hee.. Take care ya;)