Man I Feel Like a

I'm an old man stuck in a young man's body.
Sometimes a feminine character; not sissy.
I can be more naggy than your mum, more playful than your son, more thoughtful than your girlfriend, more look-conscious than your sister(definite not my).

But i like to exercise, running's a necessity in my life at the moment, which i think is a wonderful.

Taking a rest from a slow run.


Pek Choo said...

Hello Sam,

Jiayou! Hope you are recovering well =D

Take Care.

syl said...

jia you for work! =D

Yun Ping said...

So...how's ur cough?Better now?Hahaha...ur blog entry is really funny!:D

Jean said...

Really went HUH?...hahas..

and i also think I'm an old women stuck in a young body.hahas..aching over everywhere!anyway take care..and hope there's photos uploaded soon?=DDD

sirong [: said...


ok, i know i a bit slow.. but then, just wnna say,

take care k and hows your coughing ? (:

super boliao mm said...

i want to add to ure identity crisis. sometimes i feel like a man; not a nam yan por hor. more silent than ure dad, more tomboy than ure daughter, more impatient than ure boyfren, more bochap than ure bro (definitely not mine too) haha....:P hv a good weekend!

syl said...

the tian kong very bluee! hen mei! =)

ellekay :] said...

i agree with syl!
i love that piece of sky too!

Sam Wong said...

I'm OK le, thank you for your' concern!

Really went HUH? HUH??

Krist, i seem to have seen that pic somewhere.. -conscious about your own outlook.

Not a crisis MM, you are worse!

Yes Syl, tian kong very bluee. Wo hen mei? haha. Take it EK. =)

syl said...

ni hen mei?
lol. ya lahhh, ni hen mei.
wo hen shuai.

Anonymous said...

huh !!
where where where ?
i took this photo by using Jenielle's cam wor ~

Anyway !! ENJOY ur WEEKEND!


MIKO(: said...

nice shot.

get well soon. dont over exert esp when u're not feeling well!


Jane said...

Thanks for sharing nice pics. I agree that the sky is nice de. Ni ye shi hen mei. Haha. =)

Jiayou & take good care.

MEOW said...

Man, i feel like a woman~~~

familiar w that song? :D

YUJING said...


anyw, did run a short distance after show - to RG(:

Pinkie a.k.a shufang :D said...

I appeared again suddenly.!

Oops, 4am . :O
Must be all asleep.
While i'm trying to mug but fail cause msn is too attractive hahaha.

Finally saw you on SS :D
And, definitely.


mm said...

ok ok, u win, i m def a bigger crackcase!:P
y dun look at camera, artistic shot? haha... better dun irritate u further :D ...go play elsewhere, byE!

binz said...

you looked pretty red and healthy yday! seems like you have recovered(: anw thanks thanks for hanging around though we kept leng chang-ing.. btw your hair is taller than mine, so 1cm nvm la hor! :P

yavonda said...

Haha long time nvr tag alr!
I shall run happily like u during my crosscountry. HAH. =P
Btw I recognise that's kallang river right? The pp living in the orange condos you3 fu2 le!

Sam Wong said...

Greetings to all, nice to see ya again.

MEOW, i know only that line.

Yujing, u can run more than that!
(thank you for asking, difficult..)

Aiyo.说我美,i shy lei..

MM, go play with mickey.

Bin. Shhhh.. I'l see ya soon.

Yavonda, run with joy! Remember breathe regularly.


JO said...

u knw, i jst saw u jst nw at TPY! haha walkin right infront of me.. thru tht alley... wearin red jacket! always bump onto u one leh! omgosh.

Anonymous said...

must come ur blog and THANK YOU again for the trouble!!

really need to learn how to walk ard by myself.. if not so sad la, always must bother frens...

Sam Wong said...

Halo JO, i didn't noticed you. Well even if i did, i wouldn't have known u're JO. You could have said hi. Haha.

No trouble at all, but its true you should know the streets better, so you won't get lost.

JO said...

hahaha! i dun dare la.. plus ure busy tokin to 2 other frens leh! i was lookin at u.. wanna say HI bt u knw.. its weird.. gg up to u.. HI IM JO! hahaha prolly nxt time.. i always hav chances of bumpin onto u la.