Up Day!

This morning, i went for a run under the sun, alone to a destination. So tiring, so hot.
Then played badminton.. Aiyo. Been a while since we played, i mean since i joined them for the game. And i was lousy! Haha.. Wasn't good to begin with, i will improve!
Weather's so super hot today..
2 cans of 100plus, 1 MOS milkshake, 1 mini packet of Anlene, 1 packet of Ribena, a glass of ice chocolate, ice mountain water. 一直喝, 一直喝, 一直喝..
Big stomach, legs ache..


Jean said...

that's a lot of drinks~!=D
Badminton is fun!..hehex..but been long since i played too,..

syl said...

Wow, that's really a lot..
But no harm mah.
Except visiting the loo more frequently. Hurr.

Yun Ping said...

Don't drink too much this sort of drinks..unhealthy..hmm..badminton..sounds fun...:D

shihui said...

ii noe you wont see me again after one month.
but, no, thank you!
keep ur camera phone to urself k.
haha! cya nx week.

PeiShan said...

halo~ !! =D

qIaNhUi said...

WOW u really drank alot of different drinks lek... 小心泄肚子啊, Oopsz =X
But ok la, u seems totally alright to me =P

See U Sooo HAPPY Like Tt Hor During SSS, Hahax Yes WE're HAPPY Too, Thankz For Ur Thoughtfulness &&& Everything La.! =D

syl said...

lei ho!
thanks for waiting for us!
we saw the 'more thoughtful than your girlfriend' sam!
take care! =D

YUJING said...

was about to give up.
got that 99.9% no one turning up feeling alr.
Hired blue cab caught attention.

& yes, here comes Sam!

so touched, you waited.
nicenice Sam, LOL(:

"Happy 吗?Happy 吗?"

HAHA, *tip-toe* caught.. opps:P

Anonymous said...

wah ~ u drink so many different kind of drinks in a day !! Haaaa


binz said...

drink so much ah! but should drink more plain water huh..

anyways yup thanks thanks for yday(: very thoughtful and sweet! but you shy when u see aunties looking at you huh? ahha.. and and and actually i long ago realised your feet will ahem when you take photo, just never 拆穿.. but haha you were caught in action! and your reaction was clearly captured down!

Pinkieee ;D a.k.a shufang said...

Good to see ya in SS (:
Wah, drink so much ah.
Nevermind, you got the 'ben qian' to drink. If i drink too much i'll put on 6 x 10 ^23 kg again. ._.

I realise that you and Daren have the same hairstyle. Hohoho, nicenice.

And, you like to run alot hur.
jiayou uhh. (:

pekchoo said...

Hi Sam,

=D Enjoying yourself~

Take Care & Rest Well.

Anonymous said...

then u go toilet most of the time lol...hmmm,very sweety lol...i love MOS milkshake esp.Chocolate & coffee...& Ribena last time in spore i love mountain water but now in hk is Bonaqua...
100 plus & Anlene not v nice to drink...
i have the same problem as you.I have leg ache plus my leg is swallon=.=

Sam Wong said...



Thank you gals too, for the screams and precious time.