Random Pics

I can't recognize me from the back but it's me.

That's my buddy who's out of town and i miss him so. Think Gene too.

I'll be guest judging for a few episodes of this season's SS show, the exact dates i'm not sure. I think some of you may go to watch, and i know there are occasions that you spend a lot of time waiting. Thank you..


Anonymous said...

wave to ah sam
i recogise u from ur back la
how ar u????

syl said...


MIKO(: said...

yup it's keppel bay (:

taken onboard monorail to sentosa. heh.

Jean said...

I looked at the pic and i think don look lyk you too!hahas=DD
Anyway thanks for sharing the photos with us=DD

WeNdY said...

Hi, Sam,

Ya, I also can't recognize U from the back if U never say is U haha. .

Btw, the "SS show" u referring to is it "Sheng Siong Show 5"? ;)

I will support! Take Care=))

P.S: I really enjoy reading your blog(",)

Sam Wong said...

I'm fine, Lorita.


Miko, the third one was taken at Keppel Bay tooo.

The back view looks.. I only recognize the orange T.

Yes Wendy, Sheng Siong. Thank you.


Jane said...

I also can't recongize u from the back. I think dun look like u leh.

Thanks for sharing the nice pics.

Jiayou! Drink more water and take good care. :)

rah said...

ur backview really nt like u seriously..haa. i was wondering is who -.- ok..lol..

nice pics u taken..hoho..

capri said...


Happy wkend!

JIAHUI said...

Eh. I forgot to tell you got dresscode. Casual smart. Sorry to land you at lookout bar. Haha. The ambience is also quite nice la. Am I right? :)

BiRu said...

sam went to my ex workplace tdy uh?
(if my ex colleague didnt see wrong!)
i mean o.o.s.h (:
how's the food?
u encounter any service prob?
the service there is abit errr.... LOLL

MIKO(: said...

ohh. :D

ugh cant wait for photoshoot outings with my friends. havent done that in a long time!

mm said...

Thanks for the heads up, 我有看!red red fire engine :D 21mar i finally saw my 1st rainbow for the year, so so excited i snapped a pic too.

ellekay :] said...

ive been pretty much staring at the sky for rainbows but i never get to see them!

how'd you...?!

hope life's good for you!

Arkmoon said...

erm.. Dun tell me u cycle to Keppel too ? O___O"a

Sam Wong said...

JH and Biru. It took me a while to get your message. I'm blur. Yea, was very very tired that night, looking for a place to rest, chat and have a drink with ma friends after a long long day. A cosy corner we were lead to cos' of my berms and slippers. I had tasty wedges.

MM, what's heads up? Sorry. Poor memory at moment plus late now so can't remember..

EK, i'm alive and well. Coughing for a week now. Fortunately only cough. All the best with exams, meet a rainbow tonight in your sleep.

Yes Krist, i cycled there. Not recently though.

ellekay :] said...

hey there,
cheer up and take care!

life's gonna get better than your "i'm alive and well"...

mm said...

sir sam...ure poor sick fuzzy brain needs rest...you really cant rem wat u wrote. heads up = an old british expression to shooters to get ready n look up for shootin ducks...hee...act i m not sure if dat was the origin of this expression. it jus means to look out for something...in this case to look out for u in ss show. die...looks like we hv generation gap :P
ooOoo i share ure frustration... wn u r doing smthg n u know u hv 246 other things waitin for ure attn. super sian lor. wn i hv 247 things to do, i try to do the easiest things 1st to get others off my back (shoo!) n also get immediate satisfaction in strikin out too teeny items off my list (yay!) so i can concentrate on the bigger tasks (argh!). i m ever so hopeful...i will get to task #247. hope u get there earlier than me.

Sam Wong said...

Heh. Memory refreshed. I'm in the process of doing those stuff now, i also like to strike off lines from my list, hope we'll get there together!