Big Stomach Part 2

Oh.. My buddy JY's back!

We had dinner together just now. B and i arranged to meet JY at 7pm. We reached the eating place before him. Hungry us decided to order chicken noodles 1st. Food served, JY no come yet. B and i finished the 2 plates of noodles, JY came. We then each ordered a plate of rice. I ate half portion of my rice, then ordered another plate of hor fun. I cleared the plate of hor fun myself, JY helped me with some rice. That was dinner.

W came along after that. He haven't had dinner. An hour later at 915pm, we accompanied him to makan. I had a plate of black carrot cake, myself again. With milo peng. Wonderful. Food and company. I'm talking bout FOOD again.

At the rate i'm going, running won't help..


syl said...

you can eat alot! OMG! =P

Ye Ling said...

SAM, 能吃是福啊...呵呵..=)

MIKO(: said...

still high metabolism rate uh?

lol. i eat many times a day too. now im starting my running routine again. hope it lasts and keeps me healthy.

p/s: do jog regularly (despite how much you think it wont help) :p

Wendy Guo said...

Sam Sam~
So jealous leh!
You are skinny enough but with big big stomach... ...
aiyo... ...超级羡慕

Anonymous said...

~~~~wave to ah sam~~~~
U nt afraid of grewing fat ma...juz kidding la!!! u sound like my favourite tw artist who loves to eat....i will not mention the name la...most of them know who is him la..hehehe=D
go back to work now ! 881

Jean said...

Wahs..the food u mention all i like one!hahas..Mouth drooling already.. But i guess u are those kind eat wun fat de bahs? so eat more!hahas=DDD

Rah said...

seriously hw come u can eat so much sial..LOL! =.= i eat so much sure gt indigestion which i kana recently =/

haha! so dun eat too much if nt ur running efforts sure all gone down the drain :P hahaahahaha! :D

pekchoo said...

Food again!!

Wah u really can eat alots!!

Hahax~ Don't eat too much oily food ya.

Take Care =D

flora said...

Running of course won't help. You have to add in swimming and cardio. One coke needs to run at least 2km in order to burn off... count how long you need to run to burn those off. Or we might see a fatboy number 2 soon. :D

Sam Wong said...

Yea swimming and cardio, timely reminder. Thank u!

Anonymous said...

/ \
      / / ︳ ﹨\
      / ∕ ︳ ﹨ \
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Jane said...

Wow u eat alot. Haha. I also guess that u are those who can eat alot but won't grow fat easily de. :)

Anonymous said...

EAT more !! RUN more !!! XD

Learn DANCE !!!


Sam Wong said...

I cannot dance la..

Anonymous said...

haha... every one start from zero de mah.. U dun look like someone who interested in dancing also. XD

With little tummy, on bed u can practice ur drum before u sleep leh.. =X