OK Now

Was in a really impatient mood with serious face a while ago, you wouldn't like to see me like that.
Ok now.
Today's Sunday, but it seemed like i had two hundred and forty-seven things to settle, require immediate attention type and nevermind now but must remember to do later type. Must remember to do this ah, then at the back of my mind it keeps running do this do this while i'm in the process of another task.. Its Sunday, i was trying to rid the area of zombies. So distracted. Sian. Then another voice in me was telling me to take it easy. I know these are little things, just relax.. Count myself lucky man. I think people of huge responsibilities are very zai, like Mr Prime Minister. Sir. Countless major decisions to make, and i don't think he'll be grumpy and irritated and bang the table and slam the door and be a sulker. Imagine. Bang here bang there, makes no sense.

Btw, sorry to those of you around me. I promise to cover my mouth when i cough. Fyi, i'm only coughing. Don't worry? If i'm still not better tomorrow, its time i get a mask.. You can stay away if you're still worried, maybe i should stay away instead.


ellekay :] said...

may all unhappiness be gone!

get well soon,
cos i know coughing is totally..

Wendy Guo said...

Sam Sam~
You cough ar!!!!!!so xin tong la>.<
Take good rest and drink more water please.
Impatient mood?Not very Libra leh. Take it easy la,I understand you want to take responsibilities. But still, you are Libra, you should know how to balance your life and mood right?
But for what I understand:負責的男人成大事. Jia You!

Anonymous said...

wave to ah sam
haha....is better to wear a mask
coz swine flu is still around us...
i heard the news that japan has 4 suffered case...so scary....
u say u are fine????now then i knoe u ar sick...just joking la
i'm very good there lol..***finger cross***I'm not sick
u take care lol...

Pek Choo said...

Go consult doctor and drink plenty of water.
Hope will speedy recover soon.
Take care!

syl said...

i hate coughing..
sometimes it's so abrupt that you dun even have the time to cover the mouth! haha
and you cant even complete a sentence without being disrupted by the cough..

aiye. get well soon!
maybe you can try the almond drink from those TCM shops. seems effective for me.
take care huh! =)

Jean said...

Get well from ur sorethroat soon=)..take care..

ZHU meiyi (: said...

maybe you should visit a doctor.
take care okie? :DDD
hope your throat would get well soon.

yipee~ =)

WeNdY said...

Hi, Sam,

How are U feeling now? Ur cough getting beta le ma?

I saw this email on "How to stop cough in 5 mins". . (:Maybe U can try:)

To stop night time coughing in a child (or an adult, as we found out personally), put Vicks Vapor Rub generously on the bottom of the feet at bedtime and then cover with socks.

Even persistent, heavy, deep coughing will stop in about five minutes and stay stopped for many, many hours of relief.

In addition it is and comforting and they will sleep soundly.

Hope this will works well 4U. . ;)

If U still not ok, do visit a doctor ya(",)

Lastly, hope U will get well soon, Jia U!=))

singyin said...

We are not scared! And we can tell that your cough's getting better! Dont be stress ok! No stress2! :D

Yun Ping said...

Haha..ok...maybe its just a small cough?So,are you better now?Get more rest and drink more water ok?Haha..don't be so tense up larh!Everything will be fine...jia you!I know that there's so many things you need to do,but,just take it easy,don't rush ok?JIA YOU MANZZZ!!!:D

Sam Wong said...


I just ca*cough cough* came back home not *cough cough* long ago *cough cough cough cough cough.. if ya understand what i'm typing.

J0KING. haha.

yen teng said...

lol! funny ah u....

enjoyed the lesson yesterday! :)

get well soon! drink lots of water like me lidat. drink drink drink...

laifeng said...

hey sam,
feeling better no?
hope so yea.
take good cares. :D

YUJING said...

nah, will get even closer to you instead of staying away from you(:


take good care.

Jane said...

I hate coughing too.. Hope ur cough will get better soon. I also coughing.. Drink more water & get well soon. Take good care! :)

PeiShan said...

i think you are seriously ill till you became so lame =P

anyway, get well soon !!
take care~

Jean said...

Hahhas..i really read what u type..and i was laughing at myself..hahahas~!!!!...

liting said...

Weather is not very good.. And few of my friends are having cough too.. Including me.. So must take good care of yourself.. Drink plenty of water.. If can, drink some liang-teh.. Take care.. Hope you get well soon.. :) Cheers!

Sam Wong said...

U're funny too YT, good job on the drums!

I'm better now, thank you guys. erm.. Gals. =)

Anonymous said...

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