Tan Abit

On the ground is Giant.

I woke up early yesterday morning. Saw an sms that says - postponed. VERY sleepy still, but i'm up le and 难得 some time to spare. So out i went, with Giant. Jun and i had breakfast at Macpherson. Mine was 虾面不要虾, 干的, 不要辣.. Nice.. Dirty looking soup, tasted marvellous. Then we parted. I went on alone for 2 hours. To Bukit Timah.. Macritchie Reservoir.. Bishan Park, again. Kept hearing thunders, but no sign of rain. Shiok.

Long days..

The real thing..


syl said...

i had a long day too!

mm said...

我最怕 prawn noodles. fat fat yellow noodles, cant make myself swallow it. So funny u, order prawn noodles, no prawns. Finally u got to play! Sounds like u had a shiok time. Play hard, work hard! :)

Yun Ping said...

You can't eat spicy food mah?Why can't eat chilli?Allergy?Anyway,yeah...no signs of rain..which is a good thing...hahas...

Jane said...

虾面不要虾, 干的, 不要辣... Why dun want prawn? Lazy to eat ah?

Wah u went so many places in 1 day. Haha. Got go pai pai? Today is Jing Ming Jie. Dun noe if i write han yi pin ying correct or not. Sorry if i write wrong. Today rain so heavily loh.

Jiayou! Cya. :)

peishan said...

huh ?? 虾面不要虾 ??
then what you eat ?? noodle only meh ??

bet you had a super shiok workout, which i think you would want more. ;)
take care and jiayou for the coming performances =D

Sam Wong said...

Seldom take spicy food. No allergy, will perspire a lot.

Prawns - NO
Left noodles with the fish cakes.

I was a fussy kid. Haha.

加油 together!!

verr said...

ure not a fussy KID.

ure a rude OLD MAN :D :D
lao le.

min. x)) said...

ooh! i see sam snapping a photo w sam. why stand so far away? closer ma. =X

Jane said...

I also seldom take spicy food.

For me left fish cake n noodles without prawn not nice leh. Haha.

Anyway nice pics. :) I saw qianhui taking the last pic too. Haha. Opps.

Anonymous said...

hahas =) why you posed exactly the same as in the poster. ohmy~ funny.

Yun Ping said...

prawn noodles..cool...realli nice ya?ate before..and i'm lyk addicted to it alr?haha..but can't eat too much of this,will grow fat de!nice photos anyway!the scenery is beautiful!

YUJING said...

HOHO, the last snap 是好看的 lorh:D

qIaNhUi said...

Wow... That's A Really Nice Pic Of Urself & The Concert Banner Worz... HAHA! Hey I Gt Took Pics With It Too =P


gene said...

you ate prawn noodles?

MIKO(: said...

the clouds look so full i feel i can chew on it.

syl said...

ah, nice pic of giant and the sky!
hahah, the real thing pic hor..
you should do the same pose mah!
thn spot the difference. LOL

Anonymous said...

always seen u on streets. the last time i saw u was at novena station! ha.

Anonymous said...

wow,very fussy le..haha
anyway,miss Prawn noodles=D
can DHL some for me !!!
tks!!!!hehe =P

Sam Wong said...

Pls do not chew on the clouds Miko.

ShiHui, ok de!

Novena.. In the last few days ba? Halo..

Anonymous said...

*waves to Ah SAm*
HOw are you ???

MIKO(: said...

yes exactly. theres this 24hr kopi tiam outside ntu which keeps us alive by providing supper. the hawkers there look damn stoned after midnight, prolly cause they've been working since afternoon. and they take damn long to prepare the food. but no matter how hungry we are we wont complain. cause we shld be greatful that they are there to cook for us at that hour! (:

Pek Choo said...

Halo Sam,

Thanks for the help!~

Take Care & Jiayo for the preparation for the concert!!

See you on the 24th April.

Sam Wong said...

Yea Lorita, i'm good. Thank you. You sound good too.

Anonymous : Halo. Intro? Haha.

Kopitiam's kopi is good.

yt said...

"....smile, showing your teeth."
hahaa like how you always smile during lessons? =p

jiayou! dun stress :)

angie said...

tell me more about hunt-outs for "drooling-De-de-lici-ious" food, not expensive de.

nearby hawker closed for rennov for 6 good months..i'm sick of the foodies around..sinking into depression liao..arrgh!! *pull hair*

hmm..why tat stare when i asked u to pass something..:)..eh..u hv 2 jiejie's sayang u at home..tat dabo dun hv!!

JC said...

haha, call me JC over here. its my initials :) whnever i saw u.. i dunno was it tht i look funny or wat.. u always stare at me with funny look. haha :)

Rah said...

finally got the tickets on hand..
muhahaha =X can't wait for the concert already yo..lolx..

jiayou yo while preparing for the concert.. :D

Sam Wong said...

No Angie, i was probably pre-occupied. Hmm.. Hunt-outs for good food? I'm not sure if you'll enjoy the same taste. I'll give it a thought. How bout Eighteen Chefs?

Halo JC, i don't remember giving funny look. Hope that didn't affect ya. =)

No stress YT, good girl.

mm said...

Dun wanna spoil ure foodie post... Ahh.....我没有看 ss show! :( 晚安 ah boy! :D

Sam Wong said...

Thoughtful mm. =)

Anonymous said...

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