Never Coming Back

2009, January and February GONE. Have i spent that time wisely?
Perhaps i did. But, surely i can do better than that. I didn't..
How bout U??
What are your goals for this year?
What do you wanna achieve?
Have you been moving in the right direction?
Sam (第二声) DON'T be a blind mouse!!
Be a wise man.

I went to Party World the previous weekend. 1st song on the list was 成熟. Just for viewing.
Let's sing together!


syl said...

my goal of the year:

hmm, not sure if i'm in the right direction.. but since i'm already on it, i can only move on bravely. HURR.


qIaNhUi said...

成熟's MV shown at partyworld le eh.?!? OMG.! Must chiong go sing liaoz =X

Jean said...

My goal currently is just to do well for my studies i guess=)..and hope to get into a UNI after poly=)..haven think about it yet=)

and the above post,the pictures are cool~!=D..that phone really BIG ah~and is the chair electric chair?hahas=D haven tried on tat before..hehex..

anyway take care!=D

Sam Wong said...

Study hard! 加油!


rah said...

i bark den? lols.. xD

mygoal: eh? able to play well in drums..*ahem* LOL! though i knw i still need some time . but still i wun give up! which i hope i can right laoshi..HAHA~ :D

take care la..xD Kakaka!
*woof woof* :x

shihui said...

You are welcome Sam.

MIKO(: said...

my goal of the year, is to have breakthroughs. and also to find faith. (:

Arkmoon said...

Found this link when searching for..
"Shijie ma fa yi Xia"

Hey,On Monday I notice U holding the MAG Upside Down thur-out the routine.. -____-;;

Anyway TC!! JIAYOU!

mm said...

i also wanna echo dat...chengshu mv out!! forgot to check last mth wn i went k. time really flies, mar oredi. pretty scary. jiak lat me no goal yet... either study smthg new or continue trekkin along the same old path.
if u wanna study music, publicise here, we'll join u :P
btw super cute dj there! :)

Sam Wong said...

Ahh blur me! Sorry deleted some of your comments by accident! SORRY!

HuiFang.. I'm not from 403 SAR, unless my memory's failing. But yes, ICT's coming soon again..

Breakthroughs..Yes. Faith, i believe you have it within, bring it out. =)

Yo Krist, i can read it that way =P


min. x)) said...

one question-
What's sam (第二声) about?
The tone that's used t call your name??

Sam Wong said...

Yes min.

Yun Ping said...

hahaha..my goal?my goal is to do well for o levels and get into nationals top 8 for table tennis competition..and to get a trophy for running..yeah..sports day!hahas..yeah,the song cheng shu,veri long nvr listen le..hahas...realli miss it!dun worry,i will continue to listen to the songs ur sang..hahas..jia you ok?

thirtycents87 said...

i caNT seem to find any of mi lu bing's mv anywhere else...

weird eh..

and i kinda like the theme song u all sang for the channel 8 drama "tuan yuan fan" ..

but sadly, i dun tink i can get it anywhere else either..


Sam Wong said...

=) to know that ya enjoy the songs.
Thank you!