What Are You Living For?

YOURSELF? Do you enjoy what you're doing? Or do you not?
Are you doing it for the sake of others?
I like to do works that brings joy to others, to see people around happy, i try to avoid what doesn't bring happiness to them. Sounds saint? Does this mean that i live for others?
Removing all layers of filters.. Selfishness in evident.
Why the actions? Because i don't want others to be un-pleased with me. I wanna look good. We like to look good. We want others to think well of ourselves.
"If you look honestly at your motivations, you may find them to be for YOU."
So its for myself? I'm selfish.

Last night as i was driving along PIE(with 2 passengers), i came across an elderly man who just fell off his motorcycle. I stopped by the side immediately, and 3 of us got out of the car to see if we could help this man. He had bruises, he was bleeding. His bike was on the ground, documents thrown out of the box all over in a mess. But fortunately, he's fine; he said to me he didn't need an ambulance. Another 2 motorists, 1 with an umbrella as it was raining, also came out to lend a helping hand. We left after the man and his bike stood up properly and his stuff were back in place. I felt comforted, by the 2 other men. After the incident, i asked myself - Why did i offer help to this stranger? I didn't need to impress the other 2 自己人 in the car or the strangers whom i've never met and they do not know me. I can proudly say that it was a sincere act of kindness. Thank God for that.

So what should you be living for?
For love, for the benefit of each other, but not at the expense of neglecting yourself. Cheers.


ellekay :] said...

honestly speaking,
i do almost everything for karma!
sounds weird,
but true.

whenever my day goes bad,
i reflect,
and blame myself for all the bad stuffs that i have done.

but im grateful whenever my day is well.

Jean said...

Agree with you..
and i would do the same thing too if i were to encounter such incident...=)

anyway cheers~

angie said...

coincidentally, a day ago, someone told me this..."Angie, when you are put into a place and a situation, it's a chance to make a better you."

i'm totally at peace after hearing this.


Yun Ping said...

wow..ue are so helpful,great!hahas...good job eh!

shihui said...

sometimes ii asked this question to myself too. and somehow couldnt find a right answer to it.

live ur life to the fullest. for the sake of urself as well as people surrounding you. bring them happy and you would be glad isnt it?

dun wanna comment about selfishness, ii think selfishness can be found in everyone's eyes.

u did a right decision by helping tt man. 助人为快乐之本。=D

take care, teacher! =)

Xiang ping said...

Hey Sam,Are you feeling better now u having Night fever on friday..Did u went to see doctor the next day..U must take care of ur health ya..Drink lots lots of plain water ok...

Anonymous said...

For Myself...

Im Happy when i see my friends & my parent R happy to be with me.. =D
and Tat make me a great person too..

Enjoy Life!!!
Its just "once" to have them or with them..

Krist!! HAHAHA

Rah said...

for selfishness i seen too much..
and i seen it today.. and it my own friend who is so being selfish. felt so disappointed n sad.. =( but oh well.. wad can i do still? i can't .. so... no comment anymore also ..

sometimes when i alone i will think abt it too. wad am i really living for ? thinking back of thosse bad bad days make me felt so bad.. but i still wanna become a better person as time goes by (:

Anonymous said...

hey...u do a great job....
I'm so proud of u!!!!
i'm doing fine...busy doing part-time almost every day....

music music :P said...

never tot of this question b4. as long as i dun harm others with my actions...otherwise i will feel guilty. rem it was really raining cats n dogs dat nite, will be in extreme rit lane n prob not notice the mcyclist unless he fell rit in front of me...still, i m not sure if i wld hv helped him esp if i m alone.

Pek Choo said...

Yeah u done a great job.
Thanks for everything again =]

-WHEY` said...

you've definately done the right thing. if i were you, i would have done the same thing.

seriously thinking, if i were the one (touch wood) injured, definately i would need help in which ever ways. so i believe.. 好人有好报, although you didn't seek to impress others, but just a act of kindness, all from your heart.

capri said...

v kind of u to help d old man... i still believe wat goes ard comes ard. it's nvr too much to give a helping hand. ;-)

yellow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
syl said...

i guess everyone has their own selfishness, and they have their reasons for it.

Sam Wong said...

Heh. Good deeds i dare to announce, bad ones i'll keep to myself. =)

Ok Jenielle. That's not the way to ask for another pay rise. But yes, was fun! I'm quiet, its true.. Right Krist?

Jenielle said...

quiet..... haha. . anyway i think a drummer wun be tt 'quiet' ba.
dun worry i wun tell others tt u're sooooo quiet. oopsx.


Arkmoon said...

('___' )a erm......................
i think tat day i heard some cat meow-ing rite ?

Sam u heard that too rite ?
Its so near leh.. HOR ~

Krist. heeeeee

MINHUI said...

some times people do ask (i dont know if you ask that to yourself too),
"am i worth living in this world/ am i someone to people around me"

by helping that man, you made him feel recognized. even in this busy society. well, made him smile. Nice.

i live for being happy and bringing happiness to people around me.

oh, if you cannot remember who i am, i'm the one that you always see near NAFA, once at asian house. :]

see you soon! haha!

Sam Wong said...

Yes Min Hui, i remember.
Everyone's definitely worth something. All of us.

Whacks the drum quietly, hits the bed. Almost dead.


YUJING said...

Laughter/ smile is fat-free,
environmentally safe and
constantly renewable.
So is kindness (: