A really long day..

I voted.
Took lunch and 'walked the ground'.
Got home and watch the HK drama.
Had a short, enjoyable music practice.
Then.. Went down to a home studio where we did some vocal recording, I directed it! Wow.. Can't wait for the end product. No, it isn't my/our album. I'm just playing a part in the process you don't usually see. Writing, arrangement ideas, backing vocals etc.
Then came results' time. Gathered at Mr Koh's house.
This round is over. Winners, losers.. Well, I think many of them left with a heavy heart.


mm said...

Dunno why, always had the impression dat U hv a flair in the stagin/choreographin of a performance. ure pract vids not updated leh. Act am quite pleased w the poll results :P Final count 6 went over to the other side. endorses the existing govt yet giving a bigger n hopefully > united alternative voice to the people. I hope it is a good change. My wish now: Respect each other’s voices, Let us co-exist in peace and work towards a better tomorrow. Hee must be a side effect of too many speeches! @_@ liao

Sam Wong said...

Hey.. I had thoughts to do some pract videos. But, lack of motivation.

Respecting each other is an important point, even when the other hasn't earn yours. Don't be quick to judge.