That's Life

Eventful week I had. Includes.

Gathering with schoolmates from 10 years ago. Reflections.
Enjoyable lessons with sensible students. Achievements.
Very late nights from being good company. Tiredness, still worthwhile.

The down side.
My 91 year old grandpa had a fall yesterday. Seen a doctor. Fortunately, it ain't serious. Thank God.
I had a fall today. No visible scratches, pain inside upon certain movements now. Fortunately, I believe it ain't serious too.

Things happen without warning, consequences you can't foresee or control.
That's life.


binz said...

i like the last 2 lines.

it's a love-hate relationship with life. it brings joy & achievement, but also tonnes of unexpected rubbish with it. owells.

Anonymous said...

Take good care of yourself& be careful always:) All the best to you!:D

Sam Wong said...

Yes Bin.. owells.. los.

Thank u Anony. I got to do better.

Anonymous said...

I'm jealous. I'm jealous that u have such insights to things. What makes certain people see differently in similar incidence. It takes more than yourself to see your own reflection.

Sam Wong said...

"It takes more than yourself to see your own reflection."

Well said.
Thank you.