That Was Long

Knock knock. Knock my head.
I had a great fall today, a loud one. Haven't fell like that for years le. Serious. The most tak-glam kind. I was walking pretty fast, calm and composed. Then came super slippery floor that looked totally innocent and friendly, yellowish-white. One of my legs i don't remember left or right went up in the air 1st followed by the other at split second, then i was lying on the ground. Ouch. Then at the next second i quickly stood up, act cool when i knew obviously that people within radius of at least 6 metres were staring cos the echo was damn loud. My backbone pain for that minute, nothing else hurt, no cuts at all fortunately. A woman just beside the beautiful accident asked me - Boy you ok? I replied i'm ok without even a thank you(so impolite) as my mind was filled with anger towards the stupid floor that spoilt my beautiful exit from the food court. AAAAAAHHHHHHHhhh.....

I've not been here for 2 weeks? Pretty occupied recently, when i get home daily i look for the bed immediately. Good, i feel useful. Bad, i don't know where's the limit, gei-kiang wanna do this and do that, somemore not doing very well. I'm not the workaholic kind, need to relac one. I know.

Many events took place, many things happened in the last 2 weeks. Confused moment. Lost. Blur. Sadded. Accompanied. Comforted. Happy. Now i'm back again. Good! We can do it. I can do it. First i need to build up my health. Time to get home to bed..