Looking back on the things i've done..

I laugh, i feel proud, i feel embarrassed, i have regrets.

My life is a little part of yours.

Really thank all the wonderful souls who entered into mine at some point or another. I wish to bless you too.


binz said...


Jean said...

Yeps! MLB also been part of my life! hehex! :)) watching the videos of MLB gathering brought back some memories! NICE! :)

angie said...

memories sum up where we are today;
but wherever we are and whoever we are now;
that's a journey which we have taken and our paths crossed and keeping us connected;
and it's a present continuous tense I presume;
as the journey once embarked you're on;
except you can detour to another route;
but you're still on the same journey :)
memories is a phase; opening ways to more memories

mm said...

most was really funny in a way n good but usually it's the things left undone dat can really de frus peep! :P Be a kind soul, make it a bigger parcel hor. rainy nite again...shld be good for a good nite's sleep...i hope...nitey!

Sam Wong said...

Its only words and words are all i have, though i'm not good with them. Maybe make it a song.. Time to find time again to present one.

万分的感激. I want to bless you with a song..

TheHappyKid said...

Awww! The Happy Teacher^^

Sam Wong said...

The happy student(s).

binz said...

wad song leh?

Sam Wong said...

I Started A Joke.