Getting There

You feel discouraged at times. But you gotta pick yourself up. It'll be fine!

I am a very private person, and i don't talk much, other than face to face, which i find ironic sometimes. I'm opening up more now. Hmm.. Goodnight, sweet dreams..


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that, you're opening up more.

th-JESS said...

everytime you fall and pick urself up, you get stronger. one day will come where you could pick yourself up even after you fall without hurting at all.

no matter if u got hurt when u fall, when you pick urself up, you'll be fine.

its good tt u're opening up. one doesnt need many friends, they only need 1 or 2 true friends by their side that could lend them their ears, a shoulder-to-shoulder knock or just a short assurance that is filled with meanings.

oh well. good luck sam, you can face everything in life given time ;)

mlbians & ur frens are all behind u!