One down. To me it was the most stressful one - Yea, my face is the proof. Next comes a series, but i'm kinda looking forward to them though i know there's much work to be done. I need to put in more effort and give my very best! Hit the drums!!

I'll sleep well tonight, i mean tomorning.
Goodnight.. Err.. Good morning.


syl said...

Sleep well, sleep tight!
Get high together again 2 weeks later!

Pek Choo said...

Yeah~ You guys made it last night! :D

2 days more Third Album released~

It's time for you to rest more.

Take Care.

加油 Again! :)

More to come... Hehe ^^

Jean said...

Jiayou! and have a good sleep! :)

th-JESS said...

hahaha tomorning. nice new word invented. heh

hope you've had a good night rest ! and yeah it may be stressful but im sure it's worth it isnt it ! =p

sam JIA YOU ! jy along with the mlbs. i cant wait for the 3rd album !

and its time to get some rest, you guys have been really busy =p

th-JESS said...

OH YES. i realllllllyyyy love your hair colour, blue n purple. HUR HUR ! damm nice !

qIaNhUi said...

u really looked serious sitting down infront the stage. but no worries la, the performance was great!
Meanwhile, REST WELL :)

YUJING said...

*open jar, grab that SMILEY.. put inside your mouth!* hahah:)

AWESOME performances:D

Anonymous said...

加油,SAM! (>_<)

yavonda said...

Cheer up! and
Jiayou! =)
I know you can do it!

This week's gonna be the BOOMZ lol!
but yeah, its the positive feeling though!

singyin said...

You were awesome last night! :>

Sam Wong said...

Thank you everybody!! JIA YOU!

ellekay :] said...

see you soon! :D

MEOW said...

i loved how you guys sang and "saved" the song when WQ laughed during the perf! Fav part. Haha, unless that was part of the song...:P

Stress pushes you to do your best.:)

Go S-A-M!!