In Perth

I love the peace in Perth, perfect for an old man like me. Imagine staying in a farm, with cows and horses and goats and sheep and dogs. I'll wake up every morning to feed them, then sit under a shelter under the sun with a guitar, strum and pluck and sing and make music. Wa..

About 7 years ago, in Perth

About 14 years ago, in Perth

Trying to show that i rode on a horse before (at a farm in Perth), but i don't have a picture to show. So use our imagination ya.


dot said...

perth is beautiful!
not too far from where i am.. haha
i have a sheep in my yard :D

did u like my gift? heh

syl said...

so u've been there for quite a number of times?
yes, it surely sounds so peaceful!
hmm. maybe when u retire le, can go there for long stay! =P

gene said...

woah~ you look different!

pekchoo said...

Yeah~ PERTH is a good place to relax =)

When you went?

MIKO(: said...

wow 7 years gap. so if this yr u're going again it will be like triple 7 gap already. haha.

anyway i still wanted to ask if the hill photo is real. yuan lai shi zhen de. sam like to explore places hor? like i dnt even knew this existed, in singapore some more -_-'

Jean said...

yeah..i also think perth very nice..but haven got the chance to go there..and u WHERE GOT OLD MAN sia~..hahas...if u old man guess there's a lot old man out there le..oops=X..hahas..

and the photo 7years ago don looked lyk you..guess u have changed a lot~!..and the photo 14 years ago is so cute~!..

and the last pic is still you right??just tat ridding those wodden horse at those shopping centre?hahas..

anyway take careeee~!=D

Sam Wong said...

Yes, thank you Dorothy! I've never been to Melbourne before.
Hmm.. I remember travelling around Perth, Augusta? I can't recall the names le.
Yes, i like to explore places. Anywhere interesting to intro?

Jane said...

Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing. U look different! Japan? Haha. =D

Xiang ping said...

Hey brother sam,wow..you still got your youngest photo..hehe=D...

Jenies said...

Perth is a nice place.
I want to try Sydney!

How long you stayed there

dot said...

mm..i went to freementle the last time, and a couple of farms :D
its reallyyy quiet..
u should visit melbourne

Pinkieee said...


The pictures are so cute =x
Anyway did you managed to eat the lollipop that nic took a bite off?

Haha =x

ZHU meiyi (: said...

been wanting to travel to perth too!
maybe sometime in the future ba.
anyway, cute pictures there. :P
ur spects......
very round. ;X

& i duno whether i can make it this fri.
D: S: ): T_T

ruiting said...

your 14 years ago picture is super cute. haha.


Rah said...

your young young pic so cute sia..hohoho! :DDD

Sam Wong said...

Think i stayed over there for a week plus?
The lollipop.. A little too sweet for me, he enjoyed it more. =)
My specs round?! You mean 笨笨? Yes, quite..

capri said...

14 yrs & 7 yrs ago u've visited perth... so shld b planning a/r trip again soon?

ur family must hv oso like tat place huh...

din get to travel there yet, but mayb some day will plan a trip. ;-)

Pinkiee said...

The specs very cute lor =x
笨笨 and QQ.

hahaha :X
I wanna go perth too :((

bo lui arh, poor student
If i had th money i'll go learn drum lessons from you. haha! but too bad =P

wei said...

haha! those pictures look so young and cute! looks like you really love perth yeah.. my best friend has gone there for good :( heh. anyway, try exploring iceland! haha.

Jenies said...

i wanted to visit in the eskimo
but it has became my "shattered" dream :D
coz i want to go AmgMoh countries instead of hanging around with eskimo guys ! :) LOL .

ZHU meiyi (: said...

i nv say u 笨笨 hor. =P
ok la, abit.
dun suan u. (=
u look innocent in that pic, like 乖小孩.
wahahahas. ;x
i tink i look like that too, few years ago.
i still gt the round spects in my drawer!

should be able to make it tis fri.
cya then. :DDD

qIaNhUi said...

Came, & Saw That 1st Pic, Was An Chio-ing Like Dunno Wat Siax! *Oopsz*

That Pic Of U 14Yrs Ago Was CUTE ~
S m i L e z . . .