Beat Me La

She's a lovely girl. Super cute.
A close friend's daughter. =)


Pek Choo said...

Cute pics =)

Gonna sleep now cos just took flu medicine =)

Rest Early

Nite & Sweet Dreams

Take Care

quizzy_me=) said...

yeah super cute..."she bu de" beat...hehe...
take care lo ah sam =)

Jane said...

She is so cute lah! Haha. I guess she 3 or 4 yrs old this yr?

Will u guys at cwp on Oct 24th?Looking forward on Oct 25th. Jia you! Sleep early woh! =)

shihui said...

she so adorable, cannot beat laa.
she's really sweet! =D

syl said...

cute! =D

farrah=X said...

really very cute lor..

i realise sth..
all ur friend de children all so cute de can! the previous time u posted de little boy is so cute de le.. nw is girl..lols! cute la..=P


Jean said...

yesh!i agree that she's a very cute girl too!and why is ur title beat me la?lolx~!!

wei said...

sooooo small!

qIaNhUi said...

HaHax... The Innocent Look Frm Her... Cute ~

Jovia said...

I am Cai Xia's Sister. I am ur supporter too.
Haha. She's sooo Cute & Cubby girl! :)

dot said...

hey sam
im going back to melbourne tmr.
wont see you guys for quite a while
Jia you , and take care!
maybe i'll see u in aussieland sometime.

capri said...


min. x)) said...

she's is so adorable! :D
as keais as sam lah. haha.

Xiang ping said...

Ya is super cute lol..haha=D..

genne said...

the little girl has real big eyes. and she looks so adorable! (:
sam, you must have hoaxed her to take the picture with sweets on hands right? she looks hungry from the picture.. hahaaa!
anyway, you seems to like small kids alot..

Jiahui said...

She's really cute.
Can see that you really love children :)
Anyway, my younger brother said you're nice when you shook hand with him. Haha.

Sam Wong said...

Can't bear to beat la, just squeeze her cheeks..
Take care too Dot, i believe you'll have a great time over there!

p. said...

I heard the interview (93.3fm)! SUPER FUNNY! You guys had a great time? Half an hour only tho, ^^ ! GO TO JB HAHA, ^^.

Pek Choo said...

Sam, Yesterday thanks alot ya.
Great to see you =)
Well you guys gonna be busy preparing for tml performances!!



Rest early too!!

Take Care