Good dream. bad throat. fried noodles.

I sat upright on my bed at 420am.. Woke up from a dream that I was glad to be in, totally realistic. Alex Chew(my classmate then) and I was chatting anxiously, at the school canteen, waiting for our teacher Mrs Carol Yap to appear with the 'O' level results. Familiar voices traveling under the tuck shop roof echoing in my ears, my other schoolmates also dying to collect their results. Only weird part was that I drove to school. Don't ask me why. Anyway I never got to the collection part. Too disturbed by my painful throat I had to get up. Staggered out of my bedroom, found dad who was watching soccer outside, Liverpool vs. Braga. Ignored him, water was what I needed most. Drank some, didn't helped, I went back to sleep.

Officially woke up at 730am, as planned, to fry noodles for breakfast. My very 1st time - preparing it alone.
Ingredients: egg noodles, bacon, eggs, garlic
That was all. Beginner stuff. And it didn't turn out as nice as I expected and planned for it to be, but a decent 1st try I guess.

Even now, my throat still hurts. You probably can't tell cos I look normal and I still spoke pretty much, I needed to. Finished a bottle of starfruit juice this afternoon. I totally DON'T LIKE this drink, but I still bought it after lunch today cos I thought it will help me feel better.

I'm going for honey now............................


binz said...

尽责的老师leh,still spoke so much, normally!
eat your that 金喉糖!

syl said...

haha bad throat still eat fried stuff ahh. get well soon k!

singyin said...

hope you are feeling better now! eat more strepsils ^^

Sam Wong said...

Heh.. Last night was bad. Today's fine already.. I took mints.. Sleep earlier, rest more ya..

mm said...

good dat your throat is better now :) give u a magic formula for v bad throat next time. :O u so very on, fry noodles in the morning. i bought readymix cookie batter some weeks ago, planning to TRY to bake some. until now, it's still on the kitchen table untouched!! :P oooo...i absolutely dislike starfruit too! it has a very raw taste. visit your nice song another time. nitey!